Swapping the CableCards is another option. Did you go through or did you contact the PSC directly? Anone2ee2 to rterzi Anon Nov-5 2: TiVo claims it accepted the original Tuning Adapter proposal back in November hoping that the final product would come in the form of a small set-back adapter or a “dongle” that would be the size of a deck of playing cards. They just seem to be fumbling. The cable card support people have sent “the signal” multiple times with no effect. What further complicates this is multi tuner cable cards that may require a service bucket for each tuner in the card.

CSCO — is woefully inadequate, akin to adding yet another clunky set-top box to the mix. I have already said so. Do I need an adapter of some kind? The cable card support people have sent “the signal” multiple times with no effect. The tuning adapter status says Broadcast only. CableCard authentication experience was OK, but I’m annoyed a terminal adaptor is required to address all channel delivery issues – I thought FCC regulations required CableCard by itself to do all authentication?? Also, for best effect, put a 2 way splitter before your Tivo and the tuning adapter. Power levels are all 46 dBmV Downstream:

Their website, introductory email and materials in the box mentioned only the CableCard – said nothing about a Tuning Adaptor being potentially required.

TiVo, Cable Re-Spark SDV Debate | Light Reading

I think the new system can cablecrd with the older CC but IMO they may need a firmware update or at least reflashing of the new headend info. This means the upstream SNR can be lower without it causing as much a issue.


I obtained a new Tivo Roamio and successfully paired it with a twc cablecard. Fortunately, for me the splitter is outside the house.

TiVo, Cable Re-Spark SDV Debate

Compression tool for RG6 coax connectors? Mobile World Congress It could just have another combiner in the path to raise the upstream level that much compared to the modem upstream levels. For many years there was an attenuator inserted before the cable modem to bring the signal down to a reasonable level.

Though if they do another truck roll, I’ll prompt about both testing the low frequencies near 10 mhz not just the TV channels as ask if they have any OOB test capabilities. They’ve tried “adding codes” to see if that helps.

SD6 Member Sep-6 9: Primary premium channel was linear, most of the secondaries were SDV.

Anone2ee2 to rterzi Anon Nov-5 2: This frees up bandwidth and allows Time Warner Cable to offer you additional digital and HD channels.

Any one or more of those seems to have done the trick although the local store gave me an unregistered TA which has to be registered to work completely. I’m pretty sure it’s something that Charter changed during the course of their integration. Thanks very much to you for the quick answer.

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The answer is plainly yes. All very good information, but what do you tunihg OP should do then? The 2nd POE filter goes on your main cable line coming into the house- put it right before the first splitter, between the splitter and the line from outside.


Again, sometimes worth a test.

Not exactly sure what you mean by the modem’s pre,iere channels, inferring there might be a DOCSIS modem inside the tuning adapter?. Replying about the wiring: Never seen one of those inside a house before but I guess you asked for a exception. The cable card support people they’ve talked to over the phone while onsite don’t seem to be giving them much direction. Other than that I’d say actual pairing and activation went smoothly.

They aren’t looking at the diag screens for specifics.

Defiance to rterzi Premium Member Nov-4 9: You do not need sdapter have a DTA or a normal cable box of any sort. You lose money on Tivos.

Suit Up to hobgoblin Member Sep-6 ARRSwhich faces the same issue TiVo does with its own Moxi-branded retail DVR boxes, agreed that eliminating the need for a Tuning Adapter for SDV “would be desirable,” but still sided tibo the cable industry’s position, holding that “mandating an entirely new approach creates a real risk of doing more harm than good. I don’t see the channels tune for a second or two, most of the time it’s all blank screen, though sometimes there is a blip of adaptfr of buffered video that will first show up but then the screen just goes to blank.

Again, thanks for taking to time to provide help and insights.