I checked and this bug is all over the internet I am using a laptop not a playstation so what file do I add it too or do I just use the comand rpomp from the start up menue? I’m thinking I’m going to be the one who ends up fixing it hope I’m pleasantly suprised so it would be handy to know. Last edited by Rider ; Apr 19, 6: So maybe this is where it first got bugged. Oh yes, you do need to cast a ward in front of Tolfdir before he hits you with his spell.

Last edited by Mr. I hope it will help everyone, that is having this issue. The idea of it I found on the elder scrolls wiki website. I’m thinking I’m going to be the one who ends up fixing it hope I’m pleasantly suprised so it would be handy to know. Aug 27, 4: Gumby ; Aug 27, 7: He’s on one of those discs in the floor, you should be on the other one. It’s mentioned that having a companion might cause it, but I don’t.

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You don’t need to go to the college to become good at magic. Trigger View Profile View Posts. After I’ve finished the long boring tour Mirabelle gave me I otlfdir inside to listen to Tolfdir, and yeah we did something practical. I was confused, he successfully hit me but still repeats the dialogues to keep my ward up as well, and so I did the second time. If not, you’re welcome. Return to V – Skyrim. Start a New Discussion. Originally posted by Mr.


Stuck in First Lessons with Tolfdir.

The spell that Tolfdir is supposed to cast at us is not forthcoming. Doesn’t work at spelll with Magic. Discussions Rules and Guidelines. Beamboom View Profile View Posts. But it’s still buggy.

I prefer persistance and finding the exact spot to stand. Take it easy now! Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. He stands for a few minutes then he repeats a dialogue. This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.


I have tried everything and yes I am on the spot and can maintain the spell for what seems like a eternity while waiting for him to cast. Let me know if you get any results with these commands or anything else. I wish I knew how to set quest variables with Papyrus scripting as I can see them but not tolfir anything with them. Go back to the auto-save from when you entered the building and try it again.

Gumby ; Aug 27, 7: Tolfdie View Profile View Posts.

Where do I type that comand Mr J. Look this has happend to me before aswell what happens is he will on cast it when u a certain distance from him if u look down he will stand on a corcle with a eys or something stand on the circle across him and he will fire it u can also try reloading the save game or unrelenting shout him hope this helps User Info: But now when I speak to her she doesnt say anything about a tour of the school she is suposed to give me.


What would the command be to start the college from the beginning?

By the way I really appreciate your help Kivan thanks again. So I think if I can reset the entire school mission, maybe I can finally get past this bug once and for all. Roscaria View Profile View Posts.

Jyeah Jyeah Topic Creator 7 years ago 3 No in my one he started to cast the spell then stopped. Also, try using potions or enchanted gear to increase your Magicka Regen Rate, it could be that you aren’t capable of maintaining the spell long enough.

Me, I quicksave just before he turns to volunteer me and reload ’til it works right. When we were new I used to take arrows to the knee. Keep me logged in on this device. Finally had to make her wait in the corner.