Great episode, loved the ending. Since father cares about Taiga and step mom can see that and likes not. It may have been a little unoriginal to get the girls dressed up, but it would have been so worth it. Right, first time posting in the Forums for this anime I think. Not so much good comedy this time, but we had some more serious drama. From what I understand, from her dad’s perspective, the new mother is really young.

I’ve wondered what’s Taiga’s family like since when she mentioned it first a while ago kicking lightning pole in the midst of night scene. She really may kill him. From what I understand, from her dad’s perspective, the new mother is really young. Taiga, Louise, Shana, Nagi! Like everyone else is saying, there’s just so much depth – these characters come to life and none of them with the exception of Kitamura come close to being cliched. It went with more intense emotions when Ryuuji apologized but Aisaka after put her hand on his mouth: Back to school life, I can’t wait for that pro wrestling event lol.

Following this I did not like the fact that Taiga naturally hated her father even though she has her own reasons. We I think I have learnt a fair few things this episode and shall predict off it In Poland family is most precious to us.

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I liked the interactions between Taiga und Ryuu, though I am still a bit confused about the story with her father. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: XD That torador a little funny since it’s nice to see Taiga any time she gets angry.


Oh, animewafflrs it seems like that person is one of the teachers: Then step mom maybe move away from father because she wants nothing to do with a girl like Taiga, which I think in this case the step mom would be a BITCH! Worried that after getting together we will get a crappy OVA of their after life in school.

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God why all animes with Kugumiya Rie playing the Tsundere role kick ass so much? Great episode and full of emotions this time and less ecchi less than before, I would think.

Your on my list, be warned BBCode Modified by slayersama, Dec 10, BBCode Modified by slayersama, Dec 12, That show’s end made me SAD. Man this is such a freaking amazing show.

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Besides it might be possible Taiga hates new step mom and step mom hates Taiga. If he were her brother, then they would’ve made significant reference to it already. I want to see the results in 12 of that contest. XD Teacher looking like Ami, freaky?

Since father cares about Taiga and step mom can see that and likes not. Right, first toradota posting in the Forums for this anime I think. He’s a student in Ryuuji’s class but is one of the students also in charge of the cultural festival. Great first time post! I would logically do so also if I really loved the new marriage to work out.


Awww, it was really nice seeing Aisaka and her father hug at the end. Dang, I wonder how Taiga’s gonna look like the the beauty show: How misinformed are you people? The transition wasn’t so good though. I would be happier like that, yeah not real mom in family sucks. Her father doesn’t look so bad like she described him bakajijii.

And somehow, either side must separate from others.

I think I’ve never encountered a romantic school life comedy that had such emotional depth. Taiga in beauty contest would win. The father seems like a normal nice guy. Great episode and weird things going on? Haha, this was funny: He had like 6 lines and already I feel like he’s important.

Another wonderful episode Ok in the first part I thought: Thanks again but Ryuuji does love Aisaka just as a friend though and that sucks but the epsiode seems to like him as a person.

He’s been there since the beginning of the show.