Lelouch Vi Britannia thought it was all over after he died, but someone had other ideas. Now, he finds himself trapped in a world full of knock-off Hollows, a broken moon, and a bunch of fantastical technology that would have Geta-Boushi’s head spinning. As the years pass, Lelouch and his closest companions carve a path for themselves in Britannia as leaders determined to reshape their world, any way they can. Now back in Japan, he is detoured on his way home and finds himself once again at odds with a megalomaniac whose company runs Shinto Teito. If i had to put Toriko into an anime genre, i’d probably have to make an entirely different brand altogether so that it would encompass the entirety of the show; There’s alot going on in terms of both action, character development, plot development as well as just the generally “hanging-out” bonding time that sometimes escapes a good series. Welcome, Lelouch, to the Next Decade!

Want to continue the story? Rated M for Caution. Although, it may in fact come down to Yhwach himself Will Kallen reject him or will she accept his feeling? On arrival he meets some old friends, builds up the power he had lost and enters the academy under a false name. Rated T for now.

Watch Emiya Shirou’s new life full of girls, power, and battle. Unwilling to go, but not having a choice in the matter, he reluctantly decides to attend but wonders just what the next year will bring.

How it would feel if you have all the memories that person ever had? Alone in an nwabime world, he now lives as a devil as part of the Gremory household. How much darkness can nwnaime society truly hold? Code Geass the Path of Dawn by sephiroth reviews At the beginning of the Chunin Exams episodr shinobi along the elemental nations gather one team of genin led by a young toriiko with a tragic childhood enters Konoha to take part in the exam where he will meet another who is destined to bring about a great revolution.

And this time, a true God of Protection is born. More inside, rated T for safety- Bleach nwanimw Rated: Rated T for course language. However, just how successful will his gambit be, considering the Sternritters doing the recruiting. If only he had known that the diamond he found would send him back in time but now that it has, he has an opportunity.


The King of Hell by Jermaine94 reviews Ichigo sacrificed his powers with the use of Mugestu, and while his powers dwindle and fade, his sister gets taken to Hell! A Thousand Miles from Home by ShogunAssassin44 reviews Trapped within a Time Locked dimension, Ichigo must survive in this new world in order to get back home, and with Leina’s help, stop the evil that that has followed him.

T for now Harry Potter – Rated: For the Sake of a Wish: James and Lily Potter delved into forbidden magic in a bid to save their son, Harry Potter, as foretold. Something that would forever change Ichigo’s life forever and for the better? Wanting to give his son the best chance of survial, he called in a few favours to get Ichigo some training.

Contains Lemons in later chapters!

hypermozek | И с каждым днем свободней будет жить

She makes her wish. Master reviews Soul Society has ulterior motives for the young Substitute. However some bonds once forged can’t be broken so easily, leading him to the other Arcobaleno before they were known as great.

Code Wars by KallenViBrittania reviews Kallen sees through Lelouch’s lie aboard the ikaruga, escaping the black knights and remaining by his side when he confronted Charles and Marriane, but when god himself destroys the sword of Akasha and ruptures the thought elevators they must go somewhere else, and thus are separated, and sent to somewhere new Don’t own Bleach or characters!

Understanding he had died he lives torikl as a Dragon in this new unfamiliar world by the laws of natural selection, “The strong survive, the weak become prey. Can he truly be the Dragon Reborn?

Bleach – Ichigo, The First Gamer by Harbinger-of-script reviews One day, in the city of Karakura, a boy makes a discovery about himself that changes his fate for the years to come. What will he do at DxD world?

But what if god deemed his death unjust, and decided to send torik back in time?


What he finds, is torik what he had in mind. Death Episoxe Of a Death Game! Spidey, Prime verse, movies mentioned. Now he is a student at Clock Tower, seeking to change his Mystic Eyes He winds up on Omega, and everyone knows Omega’s one rule.

Quincy Craft by Jaydoggg39 reviews Ichigo Kurosaki despises the fateful night that left him powerless, so he ran and left his tragic life behind in Karakura Town.


With the lost of his shinigami powers Ichigo must attend yokai academy as the vampire he is to learn how to blend in with society as a ‘monster’. However, he should check it first before using it in summoning, then he will not face this problem.

Can he not only survive these changes-and their consequences-but forge a new path for himself? His life changed when a soul reaper made him an offer that was simply too good to be true. Harukana Receive Hataraku Onii-san! Scars in the Moonlight by Kita.

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That I’ve seen it all and done it all. Which is exactly why there was a special crossover episode between one piece, dragon ball z and Toriko. Bwanime is it really the end? Now up against their own zanpakuto, shinigami and arrancar have to learn to work together in order to stop the rebellion. If you’re proud of who you are and don’t give two shits what anyone thinks.

Runaway Fox by Tonuk reviews As a child, she knew she has no future in Konoha. Now, Lelouch must face a great threat to protect his sister as Julius Kingsley to stop Schneizel and the Royal Family from taking away and abuse John Hammond’s legacy.

Will she find out who Zero really is? What awaits him in the future and will he bring Hope or Despair with him, Only time will tell.