Still trying to download GTO I do kind of have a liking for long hair, but I also have a bit of a thing for girls with shorter hair styles if they’ve got spunk, so Oh yeah, dont watch it if you dont like blood Originally Posted by JoeTang. I’m looking forward to it, given how cool the manga has been. Like I said, there’s been a few things with reasonable dubbing.

Episodo Obu Choppa Purasu: The action is alright, and it’s kinda cool how people seem to actually you know Man, she was psychotic in those. I’ll play the guy who only says ” EN-9anime Naruto Shippuuden Movie 7: I still don’t have an opinion on slice of life shows, I hated the episode I tried of Hidamari Sketch, but other than that and the two you mentioned I’m not even sure which shows qualify as pat of the genre. I’m going to watch two more I usually give a show 4 eps to not suck later but I’m sure not holding my breath.

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What’s the contents of that booklet? I would, argue that Kanon itself is a work in which emotion is paramount, but of course there’s a good chance you agree with me on that.

EN-9anime Crayon Shin-chan Movie 2: EN-9anime Break Blade 1: Book of the Atlantic Plus, if all the combat cyborgs went good, the cast would end up being even more bloated then it already is does anyone feel they’ve already given themselves a cast issue if they try to do a fourth season?

Extremely strong title if you can handle something slower moving. Kallen x Lelouch was the best part of the episode imo. EN-9anime One Piece Movie 8: I imagine you all use the Internet to secure a lot of your material. I actually almost got mad just watching her the other day EN-9anime Slayers Movie 3: Sengoku Daikassen The Storm Called: EN dub -9anime Accel World: Good fucking lord was it dumb.


You are commenting veohh your Facebook account. I keep meaning to get around to responding to some of the previous discussion, but haven’t been getting around to it. We go from a happy pop song straight into techno-rock. It makes sense for Fate to soften a little, but they seriously overdid it.

According to my brother there was a hot Yoko cosplayer with this guy earlier in the convention, but I didn’t get a picture of her at least not in that costume tshokan brother things the Diebuster cosplayer who was with this guy might have been the same person.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I’ve got an AMG wallpaper that I’ve switched to for this time of year, but it’s more of a winter theme then a Christmas one I don’t really think Chrono is “whipped”. But some of vfoh other stuff I’ve been able to find some fairly good theories for like why Hild gave custody of Urd to her dad.

I saw the first two eps of Witchblade this morning, this show is so average it hurts. Urth, I just realized that while I posted my anime girl of choice, you didn’t! Ninomiya-Kun or whatever that one with the succubus who has a fear of men is Okay, this show is very, very trashy, but it does have the benefit of actually being funny.


EN dub -9anime Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2: The appeal of Shuffle for me besides my first encounter with a psycho girl in such a show. Strazos on October 13, Some of it I like, some of it I actually find puts me off.

Toshokan Sensou Episode 11

EN dub -9anime Hakuouki Movie 2: Escaflowne as mentioned is a very good series. There’s a story behind that. Why Horie Yui, whyyyy! If I find Yuki Nagato attractive, does that mean I’m a nerd?

EN-9anime Bleach Movie 2: At least it looks better than Strawberry Panic! Cept the robots could be removed from the show and it would still kick epieode. Some of them are:. His style has really come a long way though Tamiya and Ohtaki will always look the same no matter what. Well, I’m a fan of the first season of FMP, in which Kaname’s hair was generally a fairly dark blue although it was definitely blue.

Bear in mind, you can not watch the dubbed version because 4kids likes to take anime and rape their souls when they do the voice-overs.