They do not get along well with each other, since Amy was born 17 minutes before Samey. Voiced by Alex House. After a hurdle race and a tree-hopping course leads to a three-way tie, it comes down to a talent show in which the contestants reveal some rather bizarre abilities. Cut to later where the teams have gathered in a clearing. Gwen and Courtney have their newly-formed friendship tested by Chris; Alejandro defeats his arrogant brother Jose and admits his love for Heather, and Mike’s true nature is revealed by Izzy. Cameron volunteers for elimination in order to Sierra’s affections, but is instead switched to the other team. A cockroach crawls towards Dorothy. Voiced by Laurie Elliot.

Cody Kevin Duhaney as Cameron Cody was seen and animated during various brief cameos, even though he was still not physically there. The two teams set off into a balloon war. You can help by adding to it. Before she can read it Dave flies next to her and the paper hits him in the face. The Cannon of Shame! Frustrated that she came so far and ended up losing, Sky begins to stomp her feet, causing the ground they are on to collapse and sending both finalists to tumble down all the way to the finish line. Shawn The Zombie Conspiracy Nut.

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Archived from the original on October 16, Chef starts firing tennis balls at all of them. Back with team Kinosewak Jasmine has finished putting the finishing touches on her teams tree house. September 25, [61]. Who will take it home? Beardo is hit in the crotch by a tennis ball.

Sky pulls the cord and a cat flies out of her parachute. Inside the blimp, Sky is sitting next to Max. She also faces difficulty when her nerves and emotions get the better of her and cloud her judgement. Owing to the series’ premise, the season presents itself as a parody of reality television series, such as Survivor.


Scarlett simply leans out of the way, causing Sky to fall into the water. While competing for a chance at invincibility and a night at the new spa hotel, an old heartache rears its ugly head, and old rivals reunite.

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Total Drama All-Stars and Pahkitew Island

I Love You, Grease Pig! Beardo pulls the cord on his parachute but a chicken falls out.

Beardo is inside the cannon. There are 28 characters overall who competed in this season. Daryl is a thin guy who’s a bit shorter than average. Archived from the original on October 14, Leonard picks up a pipe from the junk pile and holds it above his head.

July 7, [7] [27]. She is also a close reference to a female counterpart alternatte Steve Irwin. Episore quite shy, he predominantly communicates via beat-boxing and other sound effects. Later all the contestants have gathered on the beach.

Into Total Drama Official? Beardo is then seen taking the Cannon of Shame. List of Total Drama episodes. Amy suddenly lands on top of her. Sugar grabs Topher by the collar and pulls him close to her face. Retrieved August 29, Voiced by Tyrone Savage. He appears pahkiew while inflating the balloons used to place the eliminated contestants in, being his usual happy self.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sugar pulls the cord on her parachute and a tiara falls out. As they quietly run through three deadly courses, Sky is encouraged by Jasmine to forget about her relationship with her now rival, while Max’s maternal side is revealed.


So if we’re flying at the recommended feet he would hit the ground in three minutes and six seconds” The camera pans over to Rodney watching them. Back by team Kinosewak’s tree stump, Phoebe runs over to Jasmine. Cartoon Network ratings November 11—17, “. Coconut makes a brief cameo in the intro of every episode.

Phoebe pulls the cord on her parachute activates.

While Mike distracts Chef, Zoey manages to grab the islans and uses all the strength she can use to pull it out, winning the season in the process. New teenage children are going to be introduced at this episode while the previous contestants will not have a main role in this season.

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All Stars Finale Confirmed”. In her ending, Sky reaches her hand out from beneath the snow, and Dave is distraught. In the end, they chose Sierra.

You don’t build a house out of soup” Dave said angrily. Don’t worry I got pahkitea parachutes “. Chris tries to make things interesting by making the contest a free-for-all, where anyone in the game can win the prize, though one of the two original finalists ultimately emerges as the champion.

Owen later appears water skiing at the end of the episode, saying a shout-out to his mother. Cartoon Network ratings October 28 — November 3, “.