Lazuli tries to get a berry to give to Lapis to apologize, but Lapis yells at her and says that it’s dangerous to climb so high. The Ham-hams worry about him especially Hamtaro. Laura’s family take Brandy and without knowing it the Ham-Hams to the dog race. The Ham-Hams take care of a caterpillar they saved from the Chicky-Chickies. The Ham-Hams learn about a date. Hamtaro runs away from Laura while she paints with her grandmother and wanders around the field with Boss. The Ham-Hams subtly get involved and do what they can to help the wedding become realized.

After Laura’s grandfather’s invention puts Hamtaro in trouble, Laura runs away from home. Bijou was saved by a mysterious hero who she thinks was Hamtaro. Yoshi a letter at the church stating that she can’t be at the wedding without her father being there for her. Oshare has a crush on Hamtaro this episode. Hamtaro, Oxnard, Lapis, and Snoozer are stuck in the worm’s stomach. The Ham-Hams tell her that he travels around the world. Laura’s family goes to visit their grandmother, who lives near a sunflower field. Omoide no Ehon ” Japanese:

Torahamu Kyoudai ” Japanese: The Ham-Hams want to see a rainbow.

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However, Charlotte’s father does not approve, so he sends out one of his prized roosters to stop them since Mr. But that may prove to be more difficult than they thought After watching a space film at the local Space Observatory, Hamtaro begins to wonder if he himself is really an alien and that he’s not destined to be with Laura. The Ham-Hams meet mischievous triplet hamsters called the Hambini Brothers.

Laura’s grandfather is so funny. Laura and Kana and their parents visit Dylan’s farm, and Tittoko wants to tell Pepper that he loves her, and at the end of the episode, Oxnard episoces with Pepper and Dylan.


Travis gives her his towel and Laura dries off, then returns the towel. After having trouble with the chickens, a female farmer named Charlotte Rooster saves the day. Touge No Obake ” Japanese: Oxnard is all excitable over her visit, but things become complicated when Pepper ventures out into the city alone.

However, Hamtaro and Bijou think Boss was brave and that he “lowered his head to feint the cat”. After Hamtaro wakes Laura up in the night, she’s late for school. Haru no Kaze ” Japanese: Digimon Data Squad — But the Ham-Hams don’t like this and neither does Mr.

Edit Ending Theme 1: Bijou is going on a date with Hamtaro because Mystery and Magical told her fortune. The Hams seem influenced and awe-inspired by this seemongly clever hamster that they decide to pass off as his students and follow his rigorous training methods. Meanwhile, it’s a school trip.

Edit Synopsis He’s small, fluffy, and absolutely adorable: In the course of preparing for the play, they are suddenly sucked into a strange Picture Book Tower, where Ayayamu tells them that they will be characters in her new book — yottoko new and exciting version of the well-known fairy tale “Sunflower Taro”.

A goat is about to give birth at Pepper’s hmataro, so Oxnard tries to prove himself to Pepper that he is helpful and caring.

Tottoko bonjuru! Oshare-chan

Boss accidentally knocks over a ball of red wool, and the Ham-Hams have to chase it through the tunnels. Little Hamsters, Big Adventures its official English name.

Penelope, crushed to see her new friend go, runs away and has her mind set to follow Herbert wherever he goes.

Tottoko Hamtarou no Tottoko Daijida!! Confiding in Howdy, Hannah asks him to find out how Dexter feels about her. But, after the dancing performance, Hamtaro notices something weird: Boss and Jingle decide to deliver the letter before Laura’s family leaves.


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Meanwhile, Laura accidentally gets splashed while carrying water. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Penelope and Marron want to make a wish on a shooting star. The Ham-Hams meet Tux and Salia. Oxnard accidentally lets the chickens out of the cage. It’s a summer festival! Will Oxnard be able to save his love from drowning? The Ham-Hams help these funny little twin girls who get lost from their parents in an amusement park. Sparkle becomes jealous of Bijou because she believes Bijou is prettier than her She starts believing this when Bijou was able to get Hamtaro’s attention but she couldn’t.

Yuujou No Hana ” Japanese: Ribon Dechu ” Japanese: Both the students and the Ham-Hams help to clean up the garden, but Laura loses her pendant that has her feelings for Travis written inside.

Tottoko Hamtaro Cartoon Series:

Will Hamtaro not go home to his owner? Now Hamtaro and the Ham-Hams must help him bring back the rainbow.

Sparkle visits again and meets Otome, Lion, and Bear. Koushi no Junjou ” Japanese: There have not yet been any votes for ” Merry Christmas!

Can the Ham-Hams help Penelope’s castle dream come true, or will the friendship between June and Kylie as well as Epizodes and Penelope fall apart? Whenever he and his friends are threatened by eoisodes in Duel Monster Card Game, this alter ego breaks out to save them.