One is Afro-funk, and the other is an orchestral blend of jazz horns, electro, funk, and Afro-pop. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. A corrupt politician is cursed with impotence on the night of his third wedding after embezzling tons of rice. A penniless, fast-thinking musician buys a lottery ticket which he glues to his back door, in hopes of eventually retrieving his instrument from his exasperating landlady. As with most sophisticated examples of montage, the precise significance of this agglutination of images must be determined by the viewer. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie.

A corrupt politician is cursed with impotence on the night of his third wedding after embezzling tons of rice. The two men, although they Anta resists the cajoling, charged demands of a mob of young student radicals in a truck, whose political action meetings seem to be mostly an excuse to pick up girls. The narrative is disjointed and sometimes defies logic. The ship sails away with Anta but not Mory while the hauntingly melodious song “Love Is Fleeting, But Rejection Lasts a Lifetime” is sung and Mory sits next to his hat on the ground, staring disconsolately at his wrecked motorcycle. Newsletters Sign up for the latest news and to win free tickets to events. It reaches the condition of a music video. The Earrings of Madame De

It hybridises elements of the emerging African cinema of its day – its semi-documentary style, its long, charming shots out of moving vehicles – with postmodern tricks borrowed from the French New Wave.

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His early death from lung cancer in was an irretrievable loss for the international film community. Stranger Tickets Buy tickets to events around Seattle.

The girl fares better. Alienated and disaffected with Senegal and Africa, they long to go to Paris and work up different con schemes to raise the money.

Mory steals clothing and money from a wealthy youki man who had brought him home, and he and Anta book passage on a ship to France. Siro Asteni Emma Mennenti [1].

Charlie Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Charlie lived in Paris in the past, and now resides in a large modern house on the Dakar waterfront and lounges about in his swimming touk, and extemporises airily from his bath whilst Mory gets down to robbing him blind.


The film starts dialogue free, and like all of the best movies, it probably could have survived without a single line of dialogue. While his films were no less radical than those of his compatriots, literal-minded nationalists occasionally attacked him for a supposed overreliance on Western motifs and source material.

The boy engages in a number of petty thefts touuki finance his ambitions but in the end cannot leave without a fetish amulet which he has lost somewhere. They seem to be looking for something but are clearly going nowhere. One is Afro-funk, and the other is an orchestral blend of jazz horns, electro, funk, and Afro-pop. The second tune steals the show.

Although Touki touji has been compared to plt outlaw-couple movies as Pierrot le fou and Bonnie and Clydethe bare-bones plot, which revolves around the tiuki of a larcenous rebel, Mory, and his efforts to flee the country for an idealized France with his girlfriend, Anta, is merely the departure point for a jaundiced look at Senegalese modernity and its discontents.

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The final moments here, which simultaneously suggest a return to traditionalism and a new form of globalized alienation, offer open-ended ruminations on Senegal’s future role in the world. While you’re here, leave me some reccommendations on this other list.

Aug 18, Rating: In the Heat of the Night: Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Baker, as the black chanteuse who found love and favour in France thanks to playing out an exotic fantasy of a bare-breasted, banana-bedecked jungle girl only then to reinvent herself as the essence of cosmopolitan sophistication, makes for a loaded, ironic touchstone bouik such ambitions.

A cowherd with a skull-mounted motorcycle and a university student meet in Pllot put off by life in Senegal, they plan to make money in Paris. But what gives it its edge is that within that it is very specifically Senegalese. Mory, a cowherd, and Anta, a university student, try to make money in order to go houki Paris and leave their boring past behind. Charlie represents a gently satirised breed of cosmopolitan colonials. A cow is slaughtered in a slaughterhouse, most of the screen filled with red, and later, the audience is treated to a scene where a goat is killed.

Jan 1, Full Review…. They sit in the back of a convertible, passing small and big businesses, modernist office buildings, government and military officers.

Touki bouki: Mambéty and Modernity | The Current | The Criterion Collection

Already have an account? Share this Rating Title: The only ways I can imagine being back among the middle class subrural sanitized Americans of Cullman, Alabama, is as some sort of conquering hero returned from afar, apotheosed. Start your free trial. Archived from the original on Touki bouki refuses to endorse either a nostalgic view of the African past or a blinkered enthusiasm for contemporary mores and the ideology of progress.


This first feature by Senegalese director Djibril Diop Mambety is one of the greatest of all African films and almost certainly the most experimental. Why the hyphen doesn’t apparently exist anywhere but onscreen—even IMDb has it wrong—is a mystery. They believe they will find better wages and a better life there. Magaye Niang as Mory.

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Touki Bouki is not an easy film to describe. Follow Email More articles. The last act of this film will blow your mind. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Add the first question. Still, this Senegalese tale of a girl, a boy, his motorcycle memorably decorated with an ox skull and their dream of escaping to Paris likably captures a moment in an intriguing, seldom seen culture.

Be warned though, it does contain some pretty brutal scenes of animal slaughter which make for difficult viewing. The diamond earrings of a French aristocrat, a wedding gift from her husband, cause a series of conflicts as they change hands repeatedly. Both are unpolished and very experimental works.

Senegal This may be the first African film that I have seen, and I now feel immensely upset for having overlooked the films of this continent. It’s this Senegalese colour and authenticity, combined with the bold experimental cinematic presentation that makes this one very much stand out.

Mambety mixes neo-realism and fantasy to create a mood of unease and aimless longing. The same cop proves to be a nemesis for the next score Mory and Anta eye, when Anta realises they could rip off the gate take for a wrestling match: Review by Tommy Crawford.