John Manard Super Reviewer. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. A newly awakened Starck sees Weir posing as one of the rescuers, then wakes up screaming and is comforted by Cooper. The Kids Are Alright. Upon boarding the Event Horizon , the crew finds evidence of a massacre. This page was last edited on 15 January , at The ship disappeared mysteriously 7 years before on its maiden voyage and with its return comes even more mystery as the crew of the “Lewis and Clark” discover the real truth behind its disappearance and something even more terrifying.

Miller decides to destroy the Event Horizon. Anderson , a fan of hybrid genre music, invited the electronic dance music duo Orbital to collaborate with Kamen and to provide synthesizing sounds for the film’s unsettling atmosphere. Anderson notes that at two hours and 10 minutes, it was overly long, with weak directing and acting that could have used a further editing pass, unfinished special effects and a poor sound mix. Anderson puts an end to Resident Evil”. Event Horizon Audio commentary. Retrieved 3 May

The crew of the Lewis and Clark are convinced that Weir is not telling them something, and when they discover the Event Horizon, they find that things are not what they seem, and an evil presence has taken over the ship. Retrieved 3 May Edit Storyline In the year a group of astronauts are sent to investigate and salvage the long lost starship “Event Horizon”.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. With high production values and low aspirations, Event Horizon begins as a mildly intriguing science-fiction movie and degenerates into yet another slasher flick about evil from another dimension.


Anderson and written by Philip Eisner. Anderson as Paul Anderson.

The Kids Are Alright. Captain John Kilpack Holley Chant Anderson was inundated with screenplay offers, as well as the opportunity to direct the Mortal Kombat sequel Mortal Kombat: Holley Chant as Claire.

Dec 14, Rating: Use the HTML below. Incidentally, the term “event horizon” describes the outer boundaries of a black hole.

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Edit Cast Complete credited cast: As Cooper restrains the terrified Starck and as one of the rescuers calls for a sedative, the doors ominously close. The gravity drive activates, pulling the ship’s rear section into a black hole. Miller sees Corrick, a subordinate he was forced to abandon to his death; Peters sees her son with his legs covered in bloody lesions; and Weir sees his late wife, with missing eyes, urging him to join her.

Weir, who designed the Event Horizonbriefs the crew on the ship’s experimental gravity drive. Laurence Fishburne as Miller. Searching the ship for signs of life, the rescue crew learns that the Event Wymia was a test bed for an experimental engine that opened a rift in the space time continuum and left our universe entirely, allowing a hostile entity to possess the ship.

The Final Chapter Monster Hunter Retrieved from ” https: The acting isn’t too bad either, actually the quality of fiom acting goes a long way in selling the plot.

Futuristic films In which of these “trapped in space” films would you dread finding yourself? Peter Marinker as Kilpack. Ina distress signal is received from the Event Horizona starship that disappeared during its maiden voyage to Proxima Centauri seven years wymair and mysteriously reappeared in a decaying orbit around Neptune.


Characters ukkryty by British actors wear a European Union flag with 22 stars, replacing the former Union Flag of course, the design team could not have predicted that the United Kingdom would vote to leave the European Union in Greatest Sci-Fi movies by concepts.

It is the worst space disaster on record. When the recording is filtered, Doctor D. Start your free trial.

Event Horizon

Anderson had in mind a “classic haunted house movie”, incorporating significant influences to moderately successful horror films such as Robert Wise ‘s The Haunting and Kubrick ‘s The Shining because they enforce suspense from the unknown, meaning the ghost or creature was hidden from the ukryyy, and their endings induced ambiguities of perception in the audience.

It had been so long since I had truly been disturbed in a scared way I’d almost forgotten what hkrizon felt like.

He is attacked by manifestations of Corrick and a resurrected Weir. Annihilation[9] and the upcoming X-Men When they discover the nature of the garbled video message is a great recoil moment within the film and one I can still remember some 5 years after seeing it.

I tried to remember the last time I found myself scared or disturbed by a movie.

Joely Richardson as Starck. Anderson to Helm “Spy Hunter”.