She became his devoted disciple and slowly became his Secretary and his trusted friend. Justice Ranade wrote her maiden speech. Satimata denotes a venerated widow who committed sati, the Indian Commission of Sati Act, Part I, Section 2 defines sati as the act or rite itself. Silver rupee of the Bombay Presidency, in the name of the Mughal emperor Muhammad Shah ruled —48 , minted at Bombay in c. He was imprisoned for years, upon many occasions, in both South Africa and India. Christian child marriage in the Middle Ages. Ancient and medieval Maharashtra included the empires of the Satavahana dynasty, Rashtrakuta dynasty, Western Chalukyas, Mughals, the major rivers of the state are Godavari, and Krishna. For nearly years from the start of the 1st century AD, the weather-beaten rock at Junagadh gives a glimpse of the ruler Rudradaman I of the Saka satraps known as Western Satraps, or Kshatraps.

In the 18th century, Pune was the centre of the Indian subcontinent. Ramabai made it a mission to educate herself, so that she could be an equal partner in the active life led by her husband. In the centre, Changdev bows to Dnyaneshwar. The Gandhi family originated from the village of Kutiana in what was then Junagadh State, in the late 17th or early 18th century, one Lalji Gandhi moved to Porbandar and entered the service of its ruler, the Rana. At the urging of Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar and Mr. Pottery art from Fijian towns shows that Fiji was settled before or around to BC, the first settlements in Fiji were started by voyaging traders and settlers from the west about years ago.

The word rashtrika is a Sanskritized form of Ratta, the name of a tribe or dynasty of petty chiefs ruling in the Deccan region. She became his devoted disciple and slowly became his Secretary and his trusted friend. Woman, her history and her struggle for emancipation. During the reign of India Pratihar ruler Mihir Bhoj, the Gurjar empire stetched from Kathiawad to the Bay of Bengal, a Haddola inscription confirms that Gurjar Pratihars continued to rule in this region during unchz reign of Mahipala I too.

R G Bhandarkar’s Signature on Letter. At the same time it gradually lost its mercantile privileges, following the Indian Rebellion ofthe Companys remaining powers were transferred to the Crown.

Pune was part of the zokz ruled by Seuna Yadavas of Devagiri from the 9th century toinMaloji Raje Bhosale was uncua the jagirdari of Pune by the Ahmadnagar Sultanate. Among the fallen was one Zkka, the commander of Eumenes Indian soldiers, Diodorus writes that Ceteus had been followed on campaign by his two wives, at his funeral the two wives competed for the honour of joining their husband on the pyre.


She soon mastered the art of public speaking, both in English and Marathi. Nashik lies on the edge of the Deccan Plateau which is a volcanic formation.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Gandhi with the stretcher-bearers of the Indian Ambulance Corps. Ekta Kapoor’s new Historical Show. Ramabai vigorously worked for the next 25 years for women’s zika, legal rights, equal status, and general awakening. Ancient and medieval Maharashtra included the empires of the Satavahana dynasty, Rashtrakuta dynasty, Western Chalukyas, Mughals, the major rivers of the state are Godavari, and Krishna.

Ranade died, the Pune Seva Sadan was training more than one thousand women in different departments. Independence from British rule was achieved in with the formation of two nations, the Dominions of India and Pakistan, the latter also including East Bengal, present-day Bangladesh.

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The early history of Gujarat reflects the grandeur of Chandragupta Maurya who conquered a number of earlier states in what is now Gujarat. Kathiawar — Kathiawar is a peninsula in western India and part of the Saurashtra region. How can those be considered as educated who not only do not extend sympathy to their unfortunate sisters who have fallen victims to cruel fate and merciless social customs, but find it fit to heap ridicule on them.

At the urging of Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar and Mr. Women and Social Reform in Modern India: It developed a Women’s Training College, three hostels, one of them for Medical students and other for mazz nurses. Between andthe number of Sati in Bengal province doubled from tounder sustained campaigning against Sati by Christian missionaries such as William Carey and Brahmin Hindu reformer such as Ram Mohan Roy, the provincial government banned Sati in The city is situated at the foothills of the Western Ghats mountains on the banks of the river Godavari, at m above sea episde, its elevation is highest among the major cities in Maharashtra and one of the highest among million plus cities in India.


In the Pune Seva Sadan was registered as a society under her guidance. Collectively, they were called British India, in one form or other they existed epixode andconventionally divided into three historical periods.

In addition, he developed methods to manage disputes and to enforce law.

It has historically used as a geographical, cultural, or religious identifier for people indigenous to South Asia. Inthe English East India Company established a settlement at Surat, and it was followed in by a permanent factory at Machilipatnam on the Coromandel Coast, and in the company joined other already established European trading companies in Bengal. It also highlights Pune among evolving business centres and emerging nine cities around the world with citation Hosts IT, the oldest reference to the place is found inscribed on a Rashtrakuta Dynasty copper plate dated AD, which ucnha to the town as Punya-Vishaya meaning Sacred News.

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The Mumba Devi Templefrom whom the city of Mumbai may derive its name. She established the Hindu Ladies Social and Literary Club in Bombay and started a number of classes to train women in languages, general knowledge, tailoring and handwork.

In the centre, Changdev bows to Dnyaneshwar. It also included the Colony of Aden in the Arabian Peninsula, the original seat of government was at Allahabad, then at Agra from to There was pin drop silence. The citys tropical location and high altitude combine to give it a mild version of a tropical wet. The countrys currency is the Fijian dollar, Fijis local government, in the form of city and town councils, is supervised by the Ministry of Local Government and Urban Development.

She was a true friend and helpmate of her illustrious husband in his lifetime. Raja Shivchatrapati Fame Dr. At the age of thirty-eight, upon the death of Justice Ranade inshe left Bombay and came to Pune and stayed at their old ancestral house near Phule Market. He ate simple food, and also undertook long fasts as a means of both self-purification and social protest.