Between press fiascos over separated gay penguins and imported giant pandas costing a fortune, John goes undercover to get a sense of employee morale and maintain perspective on what is important — conservation, breeding endangered species and making sure the daily tonne of animal food gets distributed properly. I heard you were taking tickets and serving popcorn! CEO Joey St-Aubin admits their prices are higher than local municipal rinks, but believes his company offers a premium service and better ice quality. Yes, it was a little bit difficult! Canadians spend big bucks on nights out and special events. But can they maintain brand consistency in the process? She discovers employee dedication she can raise a glass to, and makes some emotional connections along the way.

City Councillor and Toronto Transit Commission Chair Karen Stintz goes undercover inside the country’s largest mass transit system to get her hands dirty with some of the toughest and grittiest jobs. Tina Chiu, the Chief Operating Office of Mandarin Restaurants, is worried that the expansion of her giant all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet chain is at risk, and is prepared to radically change her appearance, to check out what’s really happening in her restaurants. Those are nice things you don’t see on a day-to-day basis sitting in head office. Recently, Smiciklas cleaned house, thinned corporate operations, and announced the dawn of a new era. As such, Cineplex is well aware they had better take nothing for granted. Top executives from some of Canada’s biggest corporations go undercover as entry-level employees in their own companies to see the effects their decisions have on others and find the unsung heroes of their workforce. It was launched in , back in Yellowknife, with just a dozen employees.

But when he dares to work undercover in his own Canadian franchises, he makes surprising discoveries. Richard Anderson, the new CEO of sports and entertainment complex Northlands, gets an ear-full from staff when he puts on a fat suit to get the skinny on his business.

Overview Episodes TV Listings. Their reward will benefit an entire community. Established, professional moving companies are being squeezed by low-cost rivals and unregulated fly-by-nights.

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On April 3,the W Network ordered an additional 30 episodes. Clark Builders is responsible for creating commercial and industrial buildings. Getting down and dirty on the job, Brian collects much more than junk — including new inspiration from employees along the way. Disguised Sodexo Canada boss Dean Johnson meets the Queen of Clean – and accuses her of overdoing her job and risking company profits.

One worker literally rubs salt in his wounds when he struggles to cut up tomatoes. As an undercover boss, she works as a Zumba instructor trainee, a maintenance worker and salesperson, whose competitive skills may not be up to snuff.

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Even in this turbulent economy, it provides work for 1 in every 16 Canadians. Cooke Aquaculture is the Canadian leader in salmon farming, but they operate within an aggressive global market, and have to maintain production to safeguard jobs in Atlantic Canada. His late father-in-law Michael Overs — who founded the business 45 years ago — turned the brand into a multi-million dollar company. Yeah, I was working out of my home and making sure my assistant gave me everything I needed.


But how will this media mogul perform on the ground floor away from his spreadsheets and head office corner suite? Stintz looks so good in her disguise, we think she should consider going undercovver permanently!

To boost sales, the Chocolate Queen travels the country, working in disguise in her own stores and factory floors.

President Gary Muldoon is anxious to ensure the company is playing to its strengths, and that staff have good customer service skills as well as professional know-how. Canadian boss Domenic Primucci has been making them since he was a kid, and as his company, Pizza Nova, prepares to celebrate its 50th birthday, he thinks its a perfect time to work undercover, in disguise, in his own stores.

Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and underrcover The Newfoundland-run company has embarked on aggressive expansion, to give rivals a run for their money. The theatres don’t really start operating until later in the evening, so it gave me the whole morning to do all of my stuff and then go to the theatres at 2: We’re all human, so they want to get some humour out of that. City Councillor and Toronto Transit Commission Chair Karen Stintz goes undercover inside the country’s largest mass transit system to get her hands dirty with some of the toughest and grittiest jobs.

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However, her decision to work in disguise so she can see for herself wwtch pressure nurses are under in life and death situations is riddled with risk.

Mom Elvie, who lost her husband after a long illness, is in tears when family man Glenn makes her vacation dream come undeercover, and hatchery technician Jean gets the surprise of her life when he announces plans to reunite her 15 brothers and sisters for a long-awaited get-together.

In another episode of “Undercover Boss Canada,” Cineplex CEO Ellis Jacob finds out what it’s like to serve popcorn, take tickets and oversee children’s birthday parties.

Lube has built its reputation on quick oil changes, but as it watdh its slate of services, are staff keeping up? While in disguise she also discovers a few costly inefficiencies and wasted opportunities — and confronts a personal fear of spiders!

Recently, Smiciklas cleaned cineplwx, thinned corporate operations, and announced the dawn of a new era.

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Will the Wild Wing man regain his composure in time to thank and reward his staff? For a one-hour show, I probably spent 70 hours of time between the makeup and the motel room and the theatres themselves, and you’re still working your day job in between trying to do all of that in the evening! He recognized me by my voice and my walk, not by how I looked! A new mother, Kelly leaves her young daughter at home, traveling from east to west to brave the production line and overnight shifts.


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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We caught up with him to find out if anyone was rude to him while he was incognito, and what it was like shaving his iconic mustache.

There was one general manager who recognized me, but I think the camera crews just kind of put him by the side and told him, and he stayed away. The company has gone through a turbulent time underclver they’ve had to close some locations. If all goes to plan, the sky is the limit. Oh wow, you were still doing your day job?

Have you grown your mustache back? The Victorian Order of Nurses takes the pressure off hospitals by providing care for people in their own homes. It feels better now that I can tell people, because for a little while we were sworn to secrecy!

Bellstar Hotel and Resorts is one of the rare Canadian companies doing well in this niche market, despite the volatile economy. The show’s fourth season, which contains 10 episodes, will air from September 19, to November 21, Food Banks Canada is the national organization supporting food banks across the country. As he struggles through the work week, he causes chaos at his fish processing plant and creates costly delays.

The show’s third season contained 10 episodes, and aired from January 17, to March 21, But she’s cut down to size when she joins the frontline to work in disguise and find ways to improve the company.

At the end of the week, she slips back into her designer suit and heels to reunite with the passionate people she worked with. Executive Director Katharine Schmidt is going to change her identity and work in disguise to visit some food banks and food programs to understand the challenges they are facing and learn how she can better support their needs.