Shashiishere 10 June Most of the instruments used for his character are wind-based. She has a best friend Karpooram Nikki , who is a eunuch. Stay tuned for more updates. Anushka is sexy and innocent at the same time. In my limited memory, I can’t remember such a movie being made prior in Tollywood.

Worst movie I have seen till now, a Muslim trying to rescue people from Muslim terrorist The second story initially he conceptualised was about a film crew and later changed it to music band. The whistles and shouts during her introduction scene were only matched by the entrance of Arjun. Among all the characters, I feel that the most difficult and challenging ones are that of Ramulu and Karpooram. Pooja, however, doesn’t know of Raju’s financial background and thinks of him to be rich. Earth is always ready to sacrifice everything it has.

The conclusion of the movie shows Saroja deciding to change her profession; Vivek was dead but is kkarpuram as a national hero; Raju was dead being respected by all in his community, with Pooja coming to see him along with her mother; and Rahim being freed by Shivaram. Air — Rahimuddin Qureshi — Manoj Bajpayee Out of all the characters, I personally think, this character is told more cinematic-ally.

I want a years old lean guy with helpless looks and feeble voice. The second story I conceived initially karpuarm about a film crew travelling from another metro to Hyderabad to receive an award.


I wanted to tell that story. Krish, if you are reading this, make sure you acknowledge that we are really grateful to you. Only a gist is given and nothing more. I think Allu ArjunManoj are going to lead the industry in coming future. After the break, for a few minutes the movie tends mmovie be slow. Originally Posted by Julayi Moviw Ambani koduku laga puttalemu, adhe correct ga anukunte ambani ki alludu ayiipovachu. Not just a commercial aspect.

The characterization of all characters is sketched carefully in such piics way that the script is not dominated. The casting was good and a big experiment that gave some positive results.

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He gives good performance as the victimised Muslim Raheemuddin Qureishi. He has also taken a solo decision with of the involvement of Mohan Babu for this film.

If this is how elemental personification looks like, try to imagine the impact of their combination. More to come from Idlebrain. After the introduction of all characters, the plot takes place on 31st moie. Vedam has 5 independent stories in it which are taking place parallelly, and the characters of all the stories converge at the big climax. And it is the same fear that I went to watch the movie ‘Vedam’ today.

It pixs his own Kidney sometimes.

After the movie Arundhati, Anushka has become a clear crowd favourite. Something that is karpurram not expected of them. His screen presence is a little more than Manoj, his character demands it. He loved the script and expressed his caution against the climax which has terrorism backdrop. Retrieved 4 August But, the second half is power packed and gets the best of writing supported by performances.


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Originally Posted by Rider Movie lo konni scenes ulti, Vudemma jeevitham, oka rathri taganiki nalabhay vela M M Keeravani’s music and rerecording are remarkable. This incident happened after khushi movie.

Here is the first part of Vedam post mortem. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Fire — Aggressive, Rebellious, Burning and something that can light up peoples lives. Vedam is that one film in which Krish, as a writer and a filmmaker is in his top form. They have pinned lot of hopes on these projects and we wish Charan lives up to their expectations this time. The film is touted to be a mass entertainer. Though we could pen the entire story, the conclusion climax was not shaping up in the way we wanted it to be.