Viren is glad that Mrs. She informs Jeevika that they saw Karan at Mumbai. Manvi gets ready and comes and says dhaboo shall v go.. Suddenly, Virat calls out to Manvi but Manvi acts like she’s asleep. I hav change in the plot because many said its going boring so I planned to change the plot and start from the beginning.. The ‘kidnapper’ is wearing a mask and Jeevika is screaming her lungs out asking what he wants from her.

Seema who treated Manvi at the hospital. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Manvi is unable to stop her. Virat presents the personally brought bag to Manvi ROFL In the hall, Jeevika expresses her worry regarding Karan Shekhawat and his intentions since he is being overly generous towards her family. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Viren asks Virat if all’s well? Sections of this page. Monaya – Sarun Personal Blog.

On the other side, Virat is with his usual punching bag, he is mad to why Manvi isn’t talking to him, nor is replying to his messages.

Jeevika jumps and asks if she’s okay? Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Virat and Maanvi Lovers. Virat tells him that he understands, but his wife prefers him doing all the work by himself LOL Manvi also tells the worker that everyone should do their work weddinv, but the waiter still insists and leads them on. In rishikesh… Two boys are virkan playing shuttle. Manvi Virat TV Show. Jeevika hears her phone ringing and asks Manvi why she isn’t answering and who is it that she’s avoiding?


Manvi is unable to stop her.

Jeevika smiles and thinks about her epsode to her mother. I m really missing home. She overhears Viren and Jeevika’s phone conversation, where Jeevika is telling Viren how much she misses him since it’s the first time she’s been away from him after their marriage. Suddenly, Virat calls out to Manvi but Manvi acts like she’s asleep. Dhaboo is also waiting for u to come.

Eeman 7th Nov – 3: She quickly rushes to Manvi and gets her relaxing on the bed since the doctor had advised so.

Virika and virman love story episode 1 – Telly Updates

Manvi is blank and says it’s some random people asking her to buy stuff and hence she’s not answering. A password will be e-mailed to you. Viren and Vanshika says bye and smiles. Virat and manvi lovely couple forever.

Maanvi and Viraat are married

I m leaving di. Virat gets romantic and tells her that if she likes it so much, then they won’t tour around Mumbai, but stay indoor only Wink Manvi in return says she wouldn’t stay indoor at all and they should go visit the Gateway of India.

Virat and Manvi have now reached their hotel in Mumbai. Swaragini Blooms Again Episode Welcome, Login to your account. Jeevika enters the home and sees her beeji and badi beeji are sitting in sofa and goes to them to get blessings.


Kushal Tandon My Heartthrob Artist. Jeevika in return tells Manvi to rethink her decision of participating in the competition since it may affect her married life with Virat.

Jeevika says she too cannot wait to get back, it’s just the matter of a weddiny more days. This plot is totally different from actual story.

So Jeevika casually gets up and says she’s calling Virat inside. Virat tells him that he understands, but his wife prefers him doing all the work by himself LOL.

Manvi answers and Jeevika scolds her for not informing epiwode they have reached safely. Beeji comes and says how manvi s gng to stay without you after ur marriage and gets teary eye.

ROFL Manvi retorts that it’s nothing like that. Virat leaves to college in his jeep.