However, Tomas has his friends pretend to be robbers, stealing Virginia decides to leave the house and let Margaret and Joseph in peace. Season 1 Episode After giving Tomas, a helping hand in his business in Manila, William had no other choice but to lay off some of their workers. Following the death of his son Jonathan, William Alcantara meets a young boy, Daniel and his Lola Genia, both of whom he decides to take in. Nathan immediately goes to the neighboring farm to see Katarina and asks her to have lunch with his family.

Johanna Montenegro Joem Bascon Katerina tells Genia that she likes Daniel and will do anything to have him like her back. Reaksyon , TV 5 Online Streaming. Katerina smiles for the first time in days and gives Nathan a hug and this is what Daniel sees. Daniel’s Life Is About to Change Genia tries to return the money to Marco, thinking he was the one who opened the account for her. He had Daniel dragged by horses to teach him a lesson in front of the hacienda’s other workers. Princess And I August 28, Replay.

Reaksyon (TV5) August 28, Replay – Hapinoy TV Society

Add the first question. Add Image S1, Ep7. Emily couldn’t help but report what she saw at the Alcantara’s to the authorities.

Makapiling Kang Muli August 28, Replay. As Virginia returns to the town of Olivares, she learns that Margaret episoe taking her family abroad. Virginia Cruz Helen Gamboa ReaksyonTV 5 Online Streaming.


He insists on going back to Olivares but Emily says he has to equip himself with the right tools to fight back home. He assumes that Katerina is happy without him and he decides to go with Emily to Italy. Johanna mentions meeting Emilia to her father, who instantly recalls Hanhgan.

Daniel finally graduates from high school. The hacienda however is still losing money as their e;isode seem to be inferior to nearby farms. Katerina begins her part-time job as a waitress and she doesn’t appreciate Nathan’s over generosity because she feels like a charity case.

Johanna meets Emily aka Emilia Guidoti. Subukan ang ibang Video pag hindi gumagana.

Katerina busies herself with farm work and to help her, Nathan says she can pretend he is Daniel. Genia tries to heal Daniel’s wounds eplsode becomes regretful why Changes Are Inevitable in the Montenegro Household Marco learns how the storm devastated Olivares and Katarina says if the Montenegro’s farm becomes operational again, they would be surely helping the families who need work.

Kris TV August 29, Replay.

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Genia tries to send a message to Marco and arrange a meeting through their caretaker. Daniel insists on going wlaang to the farm and Emily lets him go. Nathan continues to woo Katerina and Tomas encourages his sister to entertain their neighbor as he will treat her like a princess.


Know what this is about? Watch the embedded video belo Face to Face August 29, Replay.

Episode List

Katerina Dodges Nathan Because of Daniel Nathan Tries to Win Emily’s Trust A flu outbreak forces the new kids to move into the Montenegro household. Johanna insists on seeing Manila’s night life with Daniel. Nathan warns Daniel not to become too close to Katerina for he has nothing to offer her.

Henya Holds on to Her Secret Tomas leaves his father’s wake to pay off his debts using the money from the mortgage.

Tomas thinks of ways in making Katerina’s suitor Nathan a cash cow for him and his buddies. Emily gets drunk in front of Daniel and shares with him how she xug her Reaksyon TV5 August 28, Replay. Katerina insists that Daniel stays at the hacienda for he’s the only one whom their father trained to run the farm.