Daniel finds an ally in Johanna, who says she believes he is not a thief. When Marco brings Emily to meet his mother, Margaret does not approve of Emily for her son. Add Image S1, Ep3. Daniel Expresses His Dismay to Emily Marco wants to take Nathan to a doctor once again but Jane says she doesn’t want to lose another child again. After giving Tomas, a helping hand in his business in Manila, William had no other choice but to lay off some of their workers.

As Virginia returns to the town of Olivares, she learns that Margaret is taking her family abroad. Katerina keeps on thinking about Daniel and even tries to reenact what his death felt like by plunging in the club house pool. Feeling the attraction once again, Daniel says maybe they should avoid each other so he would not break his promise to her father. Nathan Looks for Katerina in Daniel’s House Tomas tricks Katerina into signing a power of attorney that gives him the right to do whatever he wants with their farm. When Daniel learns Katarina is with Nathan, he immediately goes over to his house. Tomas continues to waste Nathan’s money at the gambling tables and starts to woo Johanna.

Herman owes a large amount of money from his co-workers and they think that Herman ran away from them. In the fields, Daniel finds the infinity ring that Marco once gave to Emily.

William, who is out on a business trip, agrees with Marco that Meanwhile, Emily finds out that she’s pregnant with Marco’s child but when Marco finally finds her and pays her a visit, she doesn’t tell him about her replaay.

Virginia decides to leave the house and let Margaret and Joseph in peace. To pay the land’s mortgage Katerina and Daniel decide to sell some of the things inside the mansion and lay off some of their workers.

After giving Tomas, a helping hand in his business in Manila, William had no other choice but to lay off some of their workers. When Daniel learns Katarina is with Nathan, he immediately goes over to his house. Katerina and Johanna fight over Daniel’s ring and Marco steps in to stop them. Katerina declines Nathan’s proposal, saying the only man that she will love is Daniel. Johanna divulges some of her walangg business dealings and Emily uses the information to ‘steal’ the Montenegro’s prospective clients.


You are most welcome to update, correct or add information to this page. Add Image S1, Ep William changes his mind about making Daniel leave.

Nathan Takes Henya as Hostage FamousFix content is contributed and edited by our readers. Daniel reveals to William that Tomas is deep in debt in Manila and he has been lying to them all this time.

Nathan saves Katerina thinking she is trying to kill herself. Jane is offended but Marco assures her that he has forgotten his first love. Tomas is angry and shocked but the lawyer stated that his father said he yanggan gotten his inheritance a long time ago. Add Image S1, Ep8.

Daniel Is Charged with Physical Abuse Daniel however acts awkward towards Katerina and she decides to go on a date with Jack, a classmate of hers. Katerina Dodges Nathan Because of Daniel Genia tries to send a message to Marco and arrange a meeting through their replau.

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Tomas, on the other hand, hears his sister say she loves Daniel and would go with him anywhere. Time for Emily to Get Back to the Montenegros What Is Margaret’s Next Move?

Tomas tells Katerina she should marry Nathan to save their hacienda. Katerina busies herself with farm work and to help her, Nathan says she can pretend he is Daniel. He insists on going back to Olivares but Emily says he has to equip himself with the right tools to fight back home. Register to update information, epiode favorites, post photos, news stories and comments.

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Katerina insists that Daniel stays at the hacienda for he’s the only one whom their father trained to run the farm.

Marco hangagn the caretaker he will meet with his aunt soon, after arranging the family’s move to Manila. Emily however gets cold feet and backs out at the last minute. Nathan asks Katerina to give him a chance to love her. Hanggang kailan maitatago nila Daniel at Katerina na si Nathan ang haanggan ama ng dinadala ni Katerina?


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Seeing how Katerina really wanted to go, Daniel recreates the prom inside the hacienda just for Katerina. Katerina pleads to her father to give Daniel a chance, as they have both loved each other since they were children. Nathan immediately goes to the neighboring farm to see Katarina and asks her to have lunch with his family. Emily arranges to have Daniel’s name changed and soon he is in Milan with her.

Katerina’s Health Worsens by the Hour Daniel learns that Tomas is wasting his father’s money gambling. Marco breaks it off with Jane and follows his heart. Margaret confronts Genia and she denies doing those things to Emily and Daniel. William hangagn his land to help pay off Tomas’ debts and keep rfplay business afloat. She also doesn’t agree in keeping their relationship a secret from Katerina’s father.

Daniel loses his inheritance and he worries about how Tomas will handle his old boss’ dying business.

The pain of losing her child prompts Emily into blackmailing Marco and Jane about Johanna’s real identity. Daniel sneaks in the Montenegro mansion after Genia informs him of Katerina’s visit. William catches Tomas stealing money from his vault and angrily tells him to leave.

Johanna is excited with Emilia’s arrival at their hacienda. Daniel Needs Time to Heal Himself Jane becomes jealous of Marco’s interest in Johanna’s new friend, Emilia. Henya Holds on to Her Secret Emily Goes After Margaret Be the first one to add a plot.