Head left and use Dragon Wario to destroy the blocks, then climb the stalk to reach the next room. Repeat this five times and the level is over. Make your way all the way to the upper side, and go right. Walk across the icy platform and defeat the enemies, then float on the water as Captain Wario. At the other side, go into the next room. At the far right area, use Genius Wario and go through the hidden door in the corner. Once there, climb the ladder and go into the upper-left room.

This one’s a bit of the lumpy sludge instead. Their stem is a series of green spikes and their purple heads attack Wario. Use Cosmic Wario and shoot the blue switch and lower a ladder so you can reach it. Enter the next room. Completed the treasures section, so for all intents and purposes this FAQ is done. After that, go through the hidden path in the right wall to reach the next room. Additional tip from Adramelech: Once there, go right and jump onto the first red mushroom to make a moving platform appear.

Mimics infect random chests. You should be able to eipsode reach the Door in the middle with Graffiti Wario. Crawl through the hidden passage, then head all the way upstairs and to the right until you reach the Sphinx room. In this new room, shoot the switches to make platforms appear five totalthen jump up them to reach the upper ledge. Continue onward to the Sphinx room it’s the red room on your mapthen crawl through the passage below the Sphinx and enter the door at the other end.

If you go into the left room, you can climb down to another chest containing the “Bluebird of Luckiness”. Lure the water enemies above it, then kill one to make the tall stalk grow.


Best viewed in Size 10 Font, episide x screen resolution. Remember Me Forgot Password. I Episode 2 – Mad Hat Mk. He will Charge Attack after taking damage. RoboUrchins are robotic variants of Lurchins that appear in groups of either two or three.

That will be your next destination, and this episode will end here! Go left, and destroy the blocks. Go down as quickly as you can! This time, punch the cracked blocks to the right as Genius Wario and drop into the room below.

Keep going left until you reach the entrance of the Magma. How do you beat level 2? In the second part, open the purple chest to receive “Pharaoh’s Pillow”.

When you get through, climb into the walkhhrough above. In this large room, go right and drop to the lower area, then head left. Make your way quickly to the lower side.

Step on the switch here and the elevator will activate, moving you upward. Go down and return all the way to the tall room fork path which I had mentioned.

Walkthrough Part 1 for Wario: Master Of Disguise

Now, use Genius Wario and you will see the walkthrouugh sensors in the ceiling. Once there, use Cosmic Wario and reflect a laser to the switch on the right ledge. In there, defeat the enemies and open the chest to the right to find a “Really Boring Firework”. The last Chest is here.

Wario: Master of Disguise – Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia

At the top, go right and open the chest to receive the “Wooden Nostril Cleaners”. Their stem is a series of green spikes and their purple episose attack Wario.

This gives a moment to use Arty Wario to draw a block. Open it to get the “False Beard of Might”. Playing a stage repeatedly will not constantly increase your earnings. However, keep in mind that the game recycles the same puzzle situations and minigames frequently, and the touch-screen controls don’t do much to elevate the experience.


Wario: Master of Disguise

Quickly make your way down through the blocks, then go right. Money Bags are possibly still worth it, but that’s it. If your health runs low, just burn some of the plants it created. Or next one is located in a museum, so that’s where elisode next episode will take place. When you land in the wxrio room with stairs, drop to the lower ledge and go into the east room.

Fly up to the middle left and take that route. Do this three times to win. The Telmet also displays eight icons with the symbol for each of Wario’s disguises. Nintendo-published games are supposed to be the cream of the handheld crop. Drop to the bottom area by using Dragon Wario, and defeat the mummy there.

Wario: Master of Disguise – Walkthrough

There, defeat the dolphin oc they can take a beating, but your best bet is to continuously attack with Sparky Wario. Anyway, once you are in the big room, return to the Door below and enter it.

Next it’ll go red, where you can burn it as Dragon Wario. I am stuck in Chapter 3! Wario, feeling used and cheated, expresses his rage and discontent to Goodstyle.