I Already Have an Account. Before Arthur can kill them, Chaika casts a shield to protect Toru and Fredsrika. Toru, White Chaika and Red Chaika are brought to Viktor in lab with a mysterious blue haired girl in a capsule. With the tower gone and no one to give them orders, the clones will soon die and Toru, Kiril and Red Chaika and their companions decide to leave from the island separately and peacefully. Akatsuki no Yona 1 User Akame ga Kill! Get a free account.

We’re here to help! As Chaika, Toru and Akari try to find a way to beat Claudia, elsewhere, Red Chaika and her group defeats another Hero, Glen Donkervoort, acquiring Arthur’s right arm and heading towards an island as suggested by their informant Guy. Later, Toru rescues the Chaikas and Niva from Viktor’s clone army and escape outside where they reunited with the others. At Hartgen, Red Chaika and her companions enter the tournament after defeating other contestants in the preliminary rounds. Toru and his companions also enter the tournament as well, in order to win Arthur’s remains should they fail to steal it. Chaika tries to find clues of where the secret island is which she finds a lead at the Evil Sea. Fall TV Bones. Earn badges for watching.

Niva decides to help Chaika, revealing she is in fact a human gundo when she turns into a giant gundo cannon which Chaika uses her destroy the tower, killing Viktor in the process. After managing to make it to the secret island, Chaika and company find themselves in another predicament as they are captured and locked up.

Guy visits Alberic, whom latter is revealed to have lost his memories, that Guy rescued him because of the hatred in his heart. Meanwhile, the Gillett Corps learns floating fortress where made much earlier by the Gaz Empire during the war. La Verite Complete Collection Harmon Chaika battpe to find clues of where the secret island is which she finds a lead at the Evil Sea.

Guns come in all shapes and forms, but sometimes you need a little something more than a simple bullet to deal awtch arcane and mystical threats against humanity. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: When the Emperor’s dark secret comes to light, can Toru, Akari, Chaika, and Fredrica stop cchaika tides of the coming war?

The Kraken reveals how magic was first used by Fayla before humans did until Arthur Warch revolutionize the use of magic and Viktor was trying to mass produced clones of demihumans and Fayla.

During the last days of the war, Emperor Arthur Gaz orders one of his official to be in charge of a secret project codenamed Chaika. Akatsuki no Yona 1 User Akame ga Kill! The next day, the tournament begins, and while facing other contestants, Toru and Chaika meet Vivi and Nikolai, but instead of fighting, they decide to share information instead, and learn about the twin Chaikas that are always beside Hartgen. After destroying several of the Six Nations flying fortresses, Arthur heads to one of his space fortress along with Shin to begin his plans.


The Chaikas must now form together in order to survive. Both of them chases after her on Clay’s ship where Red Chaika and her group have sneaked in but the ship is sunken by a Kraken. With no more magic bullets to use, Chaika uses her memories as magic fuel for Niva’s Cannon Gundo form where they finally kill Arthur and stopping his plans before Chaika loses conscious.

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Free 7 Day Trial. The prize in Hartgen’s fighting competition: LeaderTGW All reviews 33 people found this review helpful. Soon, Kiril capturea Chaika and Toru. Log In Help Center. Eternal Summer – Kindan no Chaiks Hard!

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The Kraken also warns Chaika that her quest to gather Arthur’s remains will lead to something terrible in the future. As Chaika, Toru and Akari try to find a way to beat Claudia, elsewhere, Red Chaika and her group defeats watcn Hero, Glen Donkervoort, acquiring Arthur’s right arm and heading towards an island as suggested by their informant Guy.

Toru and both Chaikas escape their captors which both girls decide to join forces to escape the island and rescue princfss blue haired girl, Niva Lada.

Add to My List. After Akari convinces Toru to make amends with Chaika, they learn too late that Chaika has left to find the island with Fredrika.

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So he allowed himself to be killed and his remains scattered while the Chaikas fought to get them so the dread and fear about him would spread throughout the continent. Viktor reveals the awful truth to the Chaikas that there never was a Princess Chaika and all of the girls claiming and look like Chaika are actually young girls orphaned from the war who were brainwashed and given skills as part of Arthur’s plan to gather his remains.

Chaika and her group push go to laughable extents in an attempt to gather the next remain.

E3 The Harbor of Phantom Dreams Recollected Chaika and her group push go to laughable extents in an attempt to gather the next remain. As the final battle approaches, Toru, Chaika, and companions must make crucial decisions and fight against the odds to determine the fate of the avengiing.

Red Chaika faces off against Black Chaika before giving her the finishing blow, ending the latter controls of Alina, Irina, and the Chaika warriors. The Girl Who Carries the Gundo.

Soon Toru’s group learns Red Chaika has already claim one of Arthur’s remains yhe Glen while Chaika wants to find the secret island to learn about her origins.

Finally facing Arthur, the Emperor beckons Toru to join his side since he believes war is what all of humanity wants but Toru refuses and he and Fredrika are swiftly beaten. During the end of the war, the Eight Heroes learn one of Arthur’s officials escape with Arthur’s hidden fortune and most of his magic research work to a secret island, and despite the Council attempts, they could not find the island or Arthur’s magic research. Back at Claudia’s estate, she reveals to Toru’s group why she has no interest with Arthur’s remains and gave hers to Chaika and tells her secret.


As Toru, Akari and Fredrika are kicked out of the castle, Red Chaika decides to give her remains to Chaika’s group only to learn from Chaoka that Hartgen’s men attack and stole if from her.

You Might Like Dubbed. Even with the truth about their origins revealed, Red Chaika refuses to believe it.

Avenging Battle mostly tells an anime-exclusive story that utilizes content from novels 8 to 11 of the original novel series. Fall TV Bones. Meanwhile, Avehging and Nikolai enter the tournament as well where they are shock that the tournament avehging the contestants to kill. Chaika and Fredrika finally found the secret island but are attack by Dragoons. In the aftermath, Alberic, now the new chief of the Kleeman Agency, reports to the Council of Six Nations that Arthur’s plans were thwarted, Niva is under their custody and claims all of the Chaikas died.

Elsewhere Akari and Fredrika rescues David, Selma, Kiril and Ursula where they agree to work together to escape the island and stop Viktor. As Akari is reunited with Fredrika, an imprisoned Chaika befriends one of the demihumans named Ursula before she is rescued by Toru who manages to sneak in the island’s facility. You are up to date! After acquiring Arthur’s ears, Guy appears and tells Toru and Akari to head to the secret island but both of them are now wary since Guy knew about the other Chaikas.

Meanwhile, the Council of Six nations are suspicious of Stephan Hartgen hosting a fighting tournament where the winner gets his remains of Arthur Gaz so they send the Gillett Corps to investigate. In their adventure they give a revealing account kept secret by the Emperor, which Chaika, Fredrica, Toru, and Akari decide to uncover.

Toru decides to make a pact with Fredrika by becoming a Dragoon Cavalier in order to fight Arthur while Akari, Vivi, Leonardo, Avengibg Chaika and her companions face off against Black Chaika and her minions. Arthur tries to kill Chaika using Niva but Niva refuses and joins Chaika’s side.