Layfon, later meeting up with Nina, explains that he wants to start a new life without having to always fight. Gorneo also reveals that he hold a grudge against Layfon for crippling Gahard Barehn for life. However, she believes that he should fight for others and not for himself. Chrome Shelled Regios episode 24 Sharnid fights off Myunfa, while Dalsiena finds Dinn deep into the forest. The anime adaptation of the light novels was first confirmed on March 14, in the promotional cover of the eighth Chrome Shelled Regios light novel, [1] and Kadokawa began to stream a trailer of the anime on November 25, The dragon is lured into a nearby canyon, and, with much teamwork by the platoon, is dealt a fatal blow to its forehead. Lintens takes a recovering Leerin back to Glendan, and Alsheyra is happy to see her again alive and well.

Shortly after Layfon’s dismissal from the hospital, Mayshen meets with him by the train station, where she thanks him for protecting her. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. We apologize to all users; due to technical issues, several links on the website are not working at the moments, and re – work at some hours late. Both themes are performed by Chrome Shelled. That evening, Layfon recalls that he was one of the fighters wielding the Heaven’s Blade against the giant Limbeekun in the past. As Nina chases after Myath , the electronic spirit of the city in the form of a red bird, she is stopped by an occult called the Wolfmask Mob , asking her to join them since she possesses the power of the Fallen One. Felli has collapsed from depleting her psychokinetic energy, waking up to Layfon’s presence, but after he leaves, she hears a gunshot outside. In the flashback, Ailen destroys Zidd inside the building.

In the flashback, after Ailain guns down the mutant dogs, the bridge collapses during the chase. You might also like. Three pieces of theme music are used for the episodes: A maddened Felli then infiltrates the armored room and kicks Wach in the shin, supposedly shattering his shinbone.

Chrome Shelled Regios Episode 7 – Chia-Anime

At the same time, the other Heaven’s Blade wielders combine their strength to destroy the other restrained contaminoid. As they go deeper into the building, the three are suddenly captured by a strange creature and Felli is rescued by Vanzeh Hardywho reveals that the closure of the center was caused by repeatedly failed experiments that were undergone years ago as a counter to contaminoids in the past.

Nina and Felli, furious at Layton, go their separate ways after the battle, one thinking he deliberately held back his strength while the other believing he inadvertently unleashed his powers.

Kalian, having noticed Felli being bashful toward Layfon, summons him to an armored room, questions his relationship with fpisode, and warns him not to harm her in any way. Also, as Savalis brings Leerin to a safer area, she choose to go towards the orb to free the red birds, along with the help of Loi, who saves her from falling off the roof of a building. Gorneo also reveals that he hold a grudge against Layfon for crippling Gahard Barehn for life.


Kalian comes up with a plan to disband the 10th Platoon, in which Layfon must team up with Haia to stop Dinn, but Haia sees Layfon as a disgrace for relying on the adamandite sword instead whelled mastering the katana.

Kalian orders both the 17th Platoon and 5th Platoon to go to a lost academy city, which was destroyed by the contaminoids, and look around for any survivors.

Dubbed Anime

During the match, Dinn begins to feel the side effects from the overload. A mysteriously skilled fighter named Layfon Alseif enrolls in the Academy city of Zuellni and is immediately noticed by Nina Antalk, leader of the 17th Military Arts Unit. An alarm then sounds that the city is under attack by incoming contaminoids. As Layfon sets off to join them, Savalis attacks the rest of the platoon and kidnaps Nina.

Layfon soars into the air and attacks the airborne contaminoid with full force, and the cannon blasts the creature. Felli later forgives Layfon for what happened at the inter-platoon match earlier, but in the exchange for assigning nicknames for each other as a result.

The next day, Layfon agrees to teach Felli this time around. Later at night, Nina and Felli are taken hostage by a group of terrorists.

With an inter-platoon match underway, Sharnid asks permission from his team to allow him to face off against Egnlish by himself. In the flashback, Saya, Ailain, and Ramis are now being chased by large mutant dogs controlled by Zidd.

Chrome Shelled Regios Episode 7

As the other Heaven’s Blade wielders are busy handling the Wolfmask Mob and the contaminoid, one of the contaminoid becomes airborne and wreaks havoc upon the city.

Leerin and Savalis arrive in the academy city of Myath and they are greeted by Loi Entorio who tells them that a valuable item has been stolen from this city.

He manages to take the mask off of her and carries her to safety. The contaminoid that had been blasted in half by the cannon is confirmed to still be alive yet dormant, and it will take two hours before the cannon can be recharged again. However, this causes Savalis to be infested by Gandoweria, due to their conflicting kei blasts.

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Layfon has his platoon record footage of Salinban Mercenary Training Group fighting off the contaminoids in the area to witness their strategy of combat. Nina informs Leerin that she doesn’t remember how she came back to the city. Layfon, after killing several contaminoids, propels himself in the air with his DITE. When Leerin invites Nina back to her place, a red bird flies to the window and the two notice a giant glowing orb full of red birds at a distance.


Felli reveals to Layfon that she works there to choose her own path in life.

He then reluctantly joins her squad, uncertain of what future awaits him and his new teammates within the city as well as the impending dangers in the midst of a plagued world. Layfon then combines both the Heaven’s Blade and the Saiharden Katana into one sword. His harsh comments and pointed remarks about Gorneo’s own mediocrity angers Shante, and he leaves Gorneo englissh weeping for Gahard’s demise.

The spirit of Saya, in the form of a Heaven’s Blade, chooses Layfon as her wielder, enabling Eisode to defeat Savalis. After receiving a telepathic command to save her, Layfon spirits her away from sun building with incredible speed.

Layfon has been told to rest after being sent out to battle constant larvae contaminoids encountered across the rpisode. In a flashback, Saya and Ailain have become bodyguards to Ramisassigned to evade two cars pursuing them. Leerin successfully gives the Saiharden Katana to Layfon afterwards. Haia breaks Layfon’s adamandite sword, but Layfon beats Haia off the roof into a nearby store, sending a kei blast and causing an explosion. Layfon is sent a message regarding the conditions to get Felli back.

Myunfa Rufa shoots a bow and arrow at Layfon as a distraction, and this allows both Haia and Myunfa to make a run for it. That evening, Layfon recalls that he was one of the fighters wielding the Heaven’s Blade against the giant Limbeekun in the past. Come sunrise, Layfon manages to weaken sehlled monster but damages his adamandite in the process. During the match, Nina is overwhelmed by Vanzeh due to her predictable movements.

After that, Nina informs Leerin that her hometown has a mechanical womb with the ability to give birth to electronic spirits. It was directed by Itsuro Kawasaki and produced by the animation studio Zexcs.

Layfon, before departing for his mission, gives a recovering Nina some advice about using her kei and how to become stronger. Layfon arrives in Zuellni as two students start a fight, and cause a building to collapse on another student, Mayshen Torinden. Later on, after a chat between Layfon and Felli, the former is confronted by Nina.

A mysterious stranger, later recognized as Dickserio Muscaine appears, transporting them along with Nina to an alternate dimension. Nina does not listen to Layfon’s suggestions due to rejecting his philosophy of doing anything to live.

Savalis tries to extract Gandoweria out of Nina, but Layfon intervenes and rescues her.