But those words of his made me love him ten times more. I have to give Chuno a second try! Plus, the blood splatters are distributed oh-so-conveniently such that they form pretty blossoms, not only at the base of her hanbok, but down her right sleeve too. And perhaps that may mean more to a military man such as Tae Ha, but to a woman, love means more. Blame my frivolous fixation with the schmexy of Dae Gil, heh. On one hand, one might argue that this makes Eonnyeon seem really greedy in that she has affection for Tae Ha but appears to not want to let Dae Gil go. Drama Fan July 28, at 2:

If that makes any sence. We see clearly, her worry and fear for her husband, her frustration with her condition, as well as her despair at her one-sided love for her husband. They should make lots and lots of extraordinary, awesome, remarkable babies that would grow up to make the world a better place. Kirsten July 28, at 2: Over the course of the show, Dae Gil encounters all manner of challenges, obstacles and heartache, charting a journey of realization and β€” dare I say it? So Gumi speculated whether Seolwha even went back to them and told them how Daegil died or not.

I guess people do it in twitter and tumblr these days.

In fact, Jang Hyuk rewrote and sometimes wrote from scratch some of his most famous lines obviously with the approval of the director and the writer. What can I say? His irises literally change in size as his gaze goes from empty, to focused, and then to empty again. Fortunately I had not read it before writting mine cause you would have change my point of view in an extraordinary way even though I had not felt it like that.

If that makes any sence. Dae Gil speaks to them and offers them food, while tears stream down his face.

He ended up giving up his very life, because she WAS his life and not, as we often were tempted to think, some unhealthy obsession.


As stiff as Tae Ha is, his loyalty is equally deep-seated. He overcame his cowardice to save her from the Qing. XD I never saw that connection, and now that I see it, I find it completely obvious and hilarious! The script has everything I like in a sageuk: That Chuno graphic novel sounds like a gimmick made to cash in on the drama’s popularity β€” I can see a big fan willing to buy that.

On the upside, though, their love feels quite true to life, in that I find it similar to the muted, gentle affections of a long-married couple.

Review: Chuno [Slave Hunter]

There are so many moments where this wahch family tugged at my heartstrings. Drama Fan July 30, at 1: Main diet of kdramas with movies and kpop on the side. I feel like the show is so much better than I remembered it to be. Drama Fan July 30, at Here, we see how slow-motion is used to bring out the beauty in movement; in this case, of water: I get so darn emotional just by thinking about that scene.

And even then, Tae Ha refuses to accept it. It would have made a great contrast against the street-fighting, cynical Daegil.


Yllejord November 19, at 1: July 30, at cjuno We actually live in a similar world. Yes, I picked up on the jealousy as well. Continually contrasted like this, it does feel like Dae Gil and Eonnyeon are living in parallel lines but walking in opposite directions, away from each other.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. My Minds Flower Rain Episode He believes it so strongly, that he would act on it, and without hesitation.

July 29, at 5: I found it fitting, that the show chose to close on the idea dramacrazj belonging, is completely different from possession. The only thing that was deliberate was General Choi bathing and the innkeepers watching and giggling. Woah, is that even possible, you might ask?


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Delicious, hawt, sexay Jang Hyuk. I did tune it for at least half of it, but eventually new dramas just keep on appearing watcg time just slip away before I even know it… Ah well! Best consumed in large, generous, HD servings. It is on my list, but currently there are no legitimate streaming sites in my area that have it. This drama is a masterpiece, I loved it!

The sites below focus on offering full episodes online:. I thought that attention to detail was really admirable. My Golden Life Episode Watching is done via credits, which are purchased online. I rather enjoyed the blossoming love relationship between Eopbok and Chobok. If you found this page via a web search, you can learn more about this group here – Fun Korean Meetup.

Review: Chuno [Slave Hunter] | The Fangirl Verdict

XD It can be done though β€” I speak from experience, heh. He was marvelous in the recent Cyrano, and funny too. On my second watch, paying closer attention, and with a more analytical lens on, I finally appreciate the ending for what it was intended to be. DDee July 28, at Dramacrasy Korean drama Full House is one of the more well-known dramas.

I guess what I would have preferred, is for Lee Da Hae to have dug deeper to give Eonnyeon more facets, textures and depth. They should be together. In the end, as I saw their situation gradually getting more dire and unsafe, ending up with a worse policeman, that sucked.

Kirsten July 28, at 2: That the men all fail miserably, while she manages to hit the target on her first try?