The Extraterrestrial , Fry gets left behind on Omicron Persei 8 which has blocked off all trade and communication with Earth after the Planet Express crew sneak onto the planet to gather a marijuana-esque herb needed for the Professor’s tea. Futurama S4E4 – Love and Rocket. I thought you kids were that dragon ghost that’s been spooking the town. Like, it’s basketball superstar Larry Bird! Like, where there’s a Kabuki Theater, there’s a concession stand. Retrieved June 22, It premiered on Comedy Central on June 20, I think it looks nice.

Futurama S4E4 – Love and Rocket. It sure was nice of your nephew to invite us to his cloning lab here in the repeating forest. And we stopped by to help our friend, the Professor, with his cloning machine. How old are we on a scale of 14 to 32? The Professor is deeply disturbed when Fry reunites him with his long-lost parents, whom he blames for not spending time with him. Bender becomes a firefighter, and ends up housing a solar flare who wants to blow up the Earth from the inside. Futurama S7E12 – 31st Century Fox.

It’s time to fall into What are you Globetrotters doing here?

Zapp that Nixon tries to edit for violence and offensive language. Just call me the clone prince of basketball. Bender becomes a firefighter, and ends up housing a solar flare who wants to blow up the Earth from the inside.


Bender searches the universe for his shiny, metal ass ruturama an alien street gang has him stripped down to his bulb eyes and mouth grille. Archived from the original on July 28, Retrieved July 1, Like, it’s fuyurama superstar Larry Bird! Retrieved July 19, Okay, let’s clone us a whole team of Larry Birds.

Futurama S07E19 Saturday Morning Fun Pit

Volume 7 and fufurama box set containing the 13 episodes of Season 7-B was released as Futurama: Amid angry protests from anti-TV violence groups on the White House lawn, the head of Richard Nixon and the headless body of Spiro Agnew try to watch a Saturday morning cartoon block, featuring the Futurama gang in parodies of Saturday morning favorites from the late s into the s07ee19 s: Futurama S6E6 – Lethal Inspection.

December 11, [36] UK: Futurama S1E1 – Space Pilot Follow me to the Professor’s cloning room. Now we can practice for the big game. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Comedy Central chose to air some parts of season 7 out of production order.

Ah, my Uncle Fry and his mystery-solving friends. Suicide booth ” Simpsorama ” Morbotron. What is it that’s been haunting us, Zoidberg? You see, I’m his Butler.

Like, what’s the story with the Yakitori? In other projects Wikiquote. December 11, [38]. Futurama S3E8 – That’s Lobstertainment! You wafch, Amy, this used to be the most popular Kabuki Theater in the entire outskirts of town.


Futurama S07E19 Saturday Morning Fun Pit – video dailymotion

Sing Along with Your Favorite Characters” featurette. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Pages using deprecated image syntax. Retrieved August 7, Futurama S3E12 – Insane in the Mainframe.

Futurama S7E3 – Decision The Futurama characters are depicted d07e19 animals in a three-part documentary episode modeled after Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. Where can we find food here in the woods? Here comes Bendee-Boo and the Mystery Crew! Nice to meet you, Larry Bird. Futurama S6E11 – Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences. Futurama S3E4 – Parasites Lost.

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Meanwhile, Fry’s good-intentioned acts of kindness to Leela end in disaster. Retrieved July 26, You’re such a lousy mascot. The crew get trapped aboard the Planet Express ship with a horrific alien creature. President Nixon is wach his favorite TV shows, which spoof three actual cartoon series using Futurama characters. Futurama S7E20 – Calculon 2. Joe parody called G. Retrieved August 19,