In Vanguard Newspaper, Thursday February 4, , page Malta Today Newspaper, Friday February 18 , page The Nation Newspaper, Wednesday, August 17, , page Almaar Newspaper, Saturday, November 28, , page 5. Saturday Telegraph Newspaper, Saturday, June 10, , page They have the guts and are the ones who can resolve the problems of life we face now. This is how I use my identity and things that peculiar to me, to negotiate issues of globalisation.

Weekend Vanguard, July 28, , page Reality of Nigeria Prisons. An autobiography of absence and presence of love. The Voice of Interrupted Lives. The Nation Newspaper, Wednesday, January 11, , page When we attempt to move away from this state, we free up our minds to embrace change to understand new perspectives.

Collaboration with Jelili Atiku, Online: She would feel their pains because she is a mother and has gone through that kind of pain.


It was also because I asked each volunteer to bring the earth the soil from every country and send it to the Venice Biennale for the performance. The Nation Newspaper, Wednesday, August 17,page The Guardian, Tuesday, April 19,page This perspective creates a barrier, I earlier referred to as being colonised.

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Nigerian Compass, Tuesday, July 24,page Nigerian Compass, Wednesday, October 1,page I already prepared my mind before Trump came in. I see war as an issue that affects humanity in an enormous way.

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Onllne Guardian, Tuesday, October 16,page You cannot do without women because we originate from them. The Guardian, Wednesday, December 2, There is no one in this world that did not emerge from this energy.

Therefore, the audience is the most indispensable element in performance. Artisti Colla oratio Agai st Terrorism For example, look at the crisis that Trump created and imagine if Clinton wwtch the election instead.

Login Login with google. Punch Newspaper, Tuesday, January 19,page This is also peculiar to traditional performances in Yoruba. Exploration of the world experience of climate injustice and ecological issues. Thisday, Monday, February 26,page The Guardian, Friday, August jellii,page Many Colours of Controversy.

The word Aragamago is a symbolic word for feminine energy.

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However, the king understood the meaning and reacted badly to it. Notify me of new posts by email.


Of course, it could be something ordinary people are used to. They say they give you human rights but it is complete pretence. I am jrlili a pavilion artist; I am an artist on the road, and that is the most important thing.

On Art, Politics and Radicalism (part two)

S, instead, I will talk about Biafran and the Boko Haram wars. This is deliberately going beyond the physical level to bring attention to this most important energy of the women.

Performance art often involves creating a spectacle. The Onlinw Africa online magazine: If I tell you the story, you will be amazed. Conducent of an Illusive Global Peace, In: Omenka Online on Instagram.