I’m all for that! Heck, can this BE my mission? I came into it expecting nothing, but am so overwhelmed by the amount of fun I’m getting from it each ep. I’m officially on board. It’s so shallow and light.. This drama is full of anticipations:

Love this pair already! He turns back and calls her name hesitantly. Each volume is needed to unlock the other coded books, so one must possess all four to make meaning of the books. He made me realize none of the leads I’ve liked a lot have actually seemed that sexy to me, though they’re attractive. D off to read now: Combined with the sudden kiss, the agents freak out and order her to retreat. I’m likewise wondering what connect it will give us later between the two leads on the book quest. At first I thought he got interested in her too fast, but I can see why and how she is different from most of the girls stalking him.

It’s really snazzy and she looks just like a doll there! Kang-woo dives in after wath to realize that somehow, the snake that the kids caught has slithered free and has become entangled with his hand. I’m not an Eric fan.


Myung-wol reports to Ok-soon that she needs more time to figure out his weakness, and Ok-soon suggests she start digging into his past. SHOW bring it on! Was so excited that I forgot! Eub recaps are like a crack addiction. Listings Closed Captioning Rating Guidelines. Worlds colliding in interesting ways. D i love this drama so far!

I would like a type Da-Hye to be the spoiled heiress and that would be epieode opposite for Ryu heh, the opposites in kdrama world, i couldnt get out but the way she is, fits with the Myung-wol-Kang-woo front. He knows what he’s after Such a fun, quirky series that mixes spy farce with rom-com elements. Way to use your new word of the day. What we’re watching by DB Staff.


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Phi July 19, at 3: She does, perhaps, take her job a tad too seriously, practically terrorizing the dry cleaning deliveryman in her search for threats.

He oozes sexy on the screen. Dear Chunnie can also speak English so well! So excited about the romance between the two She runs after Rpisode but loses him just as he takes off in a cab.

Meanwhile, lights are going off, smoke’s coming out of things, and they aren’t even touching! D love eric and han ye seul.

I want him to fall in love with her while thinking she’s a bit weird because, well, that spg means he would be in love with her for REAL, episde, you know, he realizes that he doesn’t really know the real her.

All in all, it’s funny enough that I want to keep watching. Combined with the sudden kiss, the agents freak out and order her to retreat.

He made me realize none of the leads I’ve liked a lot have actually seemed that sexy to me, though they’re attractive. I am totally liking this drama. I hope the ratings go up: Cause I am officially on.

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I mean, that they are not dead, sick, gone, only one lives, etc? Eric is so charismatic when he’s on screen, I want more of him. HYS and eric are too gorgeous together: I fell in love with Eric myng que sera sera!!!

Hmm, I sense familial tensions. Obsessed July wil, at Startled, she looks up at him, and in that split second while he holds her in his arms, wearing that black mask, he gets a flash reminding him of that mysterious woman at the costume auction.


I hope it continues. But Myung-wol simply tears the rest of it off and keeps running as In-ah fumes. So different from the electropoppy OSTs we sometimes hear.

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. That would be awesome if Kang Woo was a spy as well!!!

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Army sure do wonders for my boy. I’ve got him on loan from ericlovesme for 2 days. Followed later by the bigger the star the weirder the clothes In-ah sidles up to Kang-woo and tells him to go ahead fng impress Grandpa tonight, who arrives with Ryu by his side. That way, us viewers, can um In the meantime, I am staking claim on Eric. Off to the stream it is, to wash his hand. I like this show!!! When he started to see her everywhere I thought: My interest is quite piqued by Kang Woo’s quest for the four books.

Answer my question or epjsode me I’m not going crazy! I’m starting to like this drama Linda July 18, at 8: Also with the fake ID Ryu wahch her it uses her real name.