I guess, we need a bell that would weigh kg so it’ll be as attractive as you say. Don’t cut down such a healthy tree. There’s no one here. Out with my money! Don’t worry, my dad always listens to me. The alliance that you searched long and far will knock at your door.

Is that Chinna Vandu running towards us? Are you asking this question to the founder himself? I’m in a hurry, let me go. Which caste do you belong to? The gangsters will collect the bag from you, as decently as they can. You weren’t wearing this ring when you arrived.

Who becomes her life partner is the thrilling movie climax. Just on my insistence, the youth of this village are coming with crowbars and sickles!

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She has joined as an accountant. We had decided to keep it clean for now, right? Why are you smashing the pans to say that? Ma’am, that girl doesn’t like me. What’s with this new philosophy?

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What makes subtitlse think that I’m going to marry that girl? What is there to ask her? Their hopes of getting married will be squashed if the news of my marriage is spread. How much for that one? We need to make arrangements for the prayer ritual tonight.


Now, he says that the old widow’s granddaughter is for engoish. It’s time to get that burden off my chest. Rentals are not eligible. Out with my money!

Why is he dragging the tape till here? She thinks that I don’t know about it. What sbutitles we have missed it? He’s just putting on a brave face. That announces the opening of the next round!

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Basically, I’m a dance master. What is the problem? What are you looking at me for?

After a chain of events he happens to confront in a boxing match, a deadly boxer Vamsi Krishna who has a nick name of “Killer Peter” after killing some of his opponents in boxing matches. Why are you staring? I swear, I’ll marry the boy of subbtitles choice. Girls always like boys who speak openly. Don’t eavesdrop when lovers are talking.

The girl is Vasundhara Kashyap, who is a devotional girl and a press reporter. He wants both of us to get drowned in this well so that he can elope with our girl. You shouldn’t be searching for the lamp shop but for the auto driver. Ma’am, the bus has broken down. He didn’t specify, it’s me.


What do I shuffle now?

But does it ring? Buddy, do we have to believe this? They can be found easily. Okay, what are you people? I don’t know what to do. Go ahead and ask.