Kate assures her that Priya loved her and she knew Rani loved her. She says the bond and month’s rent is all the money she has. The he asks Kate to look out for Rani. Mason is just in time to drag Bailey home before he can confess his accessory robbery part. Bailey says it was his fault, since Mason had to stop him confessing, because he didn’t need to go after Robbo because Rhiannon sent the letter. Kate says she has no intention of being caught.

She knows it’s impossible, and yet she feels if her mum really loved her, she’d find a way. Paul says they’re both hurting. Teressa Liane Snr Const. He pulls Bailey out of station. He tells her to go home to her son. She’ll never make detective if she doesn’t think there’s something fishy about Matt’s reaction. Fiona Bozic , Reg Watson creator. Harold’s Ajay is reading a paper when Paul comes in.

He says he needs to make a statement. She points out she moved to Erinsborough for him, and she wrote the letter because she loved him. Charlie’s Paul is sitting a table looking miles away and Kate discovers he’s concerned about Rani.

He says he would. She tells Kate that she’s not Mason’s normal type. How many times do I have to tell you. Ramsay Street A panicky Mason tells Amber it’s gone to voicemail. He thinks Paul is just trying to cause trouble, but Kate says she’s spoken to Rani, and she’s not good. They were pretty freaked out, she adds.


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He has to make sure nothing like this ever happens again. Police Station Matt comes back, commenting about the call – out he’d just been on. The phone rings and she says she has to take it.

Fiona BozicReg Watson creator. She says there’s no point. Rani is obsessed with Priya’s ‘ghost’.

Bailey is puzzled and Mason reminds the officer that cats go missing all the time. Paul says they’re both hurting. Meanwhile, the cat has apparently met with a tragic end. He says he’d wondered about having a park bench in her memory. Rhiannon neighbougs Mason doesn’t normally chase anyone for more than a minute, so she must be special.

Ajay leaves and Rhiannon comes in.

Shortland Street 6619 Episode 8th November 2018

Rani wants to know if the text meant that Priya was angry or disappointed. Rani says she’d like 6169 sign. The he asks Kate to look out for Rani. Mason tells Rhiannon there’s no point in moving in to be near him, who will never love her, which fuels her jealousy of Kate, but she can’t afford moving back home, where her sister minds her young son.

He agrees, if they promise not to put themselves in danger again. Mason asks Matt not to take it further: Mason tells him that it was Rhiannon that sent the letter as payback for sending him to juvie.

Kate asks about him: He realises she has to forgive herself. Police Station The police officer Snr Const. He asks what’s been happening. Kate says she knows this is really about Priya. Mason agrees, but says he’ll work out the best way to do it. Mason spots Kate and jogs over to speak neigghbours her.


Previously on Neighbours – Mason asks Rhiannon where Robbo is. She closes her eyes and opens them, and ghost Priya appears.

Mason says he will, but points out she has got a temper. The excuse about an imaginary cat passed on to father betrays they were there, Bailey spills the beans and the Mason men make a pact.

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He agrees, so she says she’ll get in touch with the school counsellor, and she’s got another idea which she’ll have to run by Susan. He asks if there’s anything he can do.

Kate says Watcn might have been saying she loved Rani. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? He’s lost business and Ajay’s lost Priya.

She says it was a stupid thing to fight about, but she didn’t mean it. Yes, because you and Ajay have always been so neighbourly! She’ll never make detective if she doesn’t think there’s something fishy about Matt’s reaction.

She looks at Rani and looks away. No 26 Mason has just dumped Rhiannon.