There are other clearer indications that The Aenar stands alone rather than integrating comfortably with Babel One and United. Wisq Thu, Jan 10, , 2: I would like to see more of Andoria. Although she said that it was the “weakest” of the story arc, [7] it was also the most “gripping”. If he really believes his entire species is dead, then what are the Romulans holding over his head? The majority of the guest stars from earlier installments of the trilogy returned for “The Aenar”, and they were joined by Alexandra Lydon and Alicia Adams, who were both making their first appearances in a Star Trek series. Well, he’s evidently willing to give up pacifism at the demand of his captors, flying their ship and blowing up countless others … yet he still refuses to read their minds to see what their true motives are. Email address will not be shown.

Probably prosthetics as it would have been too costly to add them digitally every time we see an Andorian. Senator Vrax Alicia Adams And I didn’t see anything stupid about the Romulan bits. Should be the last we see of Shran, which is too bad — last 2 episodes we got to see a different side of him other than the pure warrior commander. But I always had a crush on Suzie Plakson. E, more than a lot of people. Married at First Sight. Diamond Dave Sun, May 15, , 8:

Jammer has been wayyy too harsh here.

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There are other clearer indications that The Aenar stands alone rather than integrating comfortably with Babel One and United. And yes, too much illogical tech but hey, it looked cool and it was a new concept. Thank you for this website and continue the good work. Michael Flynn drone program has failed to enherprise a rift between Human, Andorian stad Tellarite races as they had hoped seen in ” Babel One ” and ” United “.

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Star Trek Enterprise S04E14 – The Aenar

This was a mature, well-written, datch episode and thoroughly enjoyable. Portraying anykind of life out there somewhere without exploring romance is visibly incomplete. There’s some willing suspension of disbelief required, as always. Babel One and United would work better as a two-parter, and The Aenar might work better as a standalone.


Star Trek Enterprise – S04E14 – The Aenar

Lieutenant Malcolm Reed Anthony Montgomery Search for ” The Aenar ” on Amazon. May not turn out that way in our universe, but that’s the point cause Star Trek is supposed to be about humanity in all shapes, sizes, colors, AND personalities. I enjoyed learning more about the Andorians and seeing their planet, so this was a good ep for me. The only outright stinker for me was Daedalus, but by this point in previous seasons, the Lousy Episode Percentage was a lot higher.

The Curse of Oak Island 2. The Aenar 11 Feb 8. As such, stae makes sense for the production team to focus on Andorian culture while devoting more attention to Shran as a character. Similarly, it portrayed the Dominion as an organisation made up of multiple races with multiple perspectives.

They were just painted white to represent entetprise surface of Andoria. Check back daily for the latest review.

Jeffrey Combs has always been great as Shran, but his relationship with Talas in Babel One and United benefits from the extra breathing room.

Goofs The Aenar are blind and would have no use for light, even under ground, yet they have plenty of lamps in their dwellings.

Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night This page was last edited on 23 Decemberat However much you disdain cheesyness, this is part of who we as humans are.

He’s having trouble adjusting to the new situation with T’Pol. I’ve been watching on Netflix and reading Jammer’s review after every episode. To be fair, these are all broad plot points.

La La Land 6. This episode’s purpose was to get the characters and audience more aquainted with the Andorians, and streangthen relations, building to the alliance and later the Federation. These are not enterprie Weyoun or Brunt could play.


On the other hand though, I think you gave the previous series–especially Voyager, which I would argue was enterpise than Enterprise because it was so utterly craven and never did anything interesting with its premise–more of a pass when it comes to weak plotting.

These three episodes suggest that the Star Trek universe might yet manifest itself, in terms of continuity and in terms of aesthetic.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. The show’s best scene comes at the end, when Trip asks to be transferred to the Columbiaand Archer reluctantly grants that transfer. I thought it was really touching when she telepathically linked with her brother and he said “remember me” just before he died. The Romulans’ remote-controlled drone is designed to respond directly to the telepathic signals sent by this Aenar, a man named Gareb Scott Rinkerwhom the Romulans abducted from Andoria about a year ago.

Full Cast and Crew. Archer and Shran descend to the surface of Andoria to visit their compound. The Andorians are a constant focus, with Commander Shran appearing in all three episodes aenat the story. Even if they never bend the starfleet rules — there are a lot of people with the same ranking on board and restrictions only apply in case superiors and subordinates get involved.

This episode certainly wasn’t as bad as you make it ghe. I thought it was wonderful to learn a little more about Andoria and these previously unheard of. Much like the Vulcan High Command has little patience for the utopian ideals of the Syrranites, it seems that the Andorian Imperial Guard has no real interest in Aenar philosophy.