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The plot is very bad, the actors, some good are wasted on this sorry excuse of a film. Don’t have an account? Carissa Jung as Tanapag Girl. Adam Beach as Ben Yahzee. You don’t have to be a “war-buff” movie lover to be enlightened by this movie. It’s the best new battle film since Black Hawk Down.

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This is a war film that will be remembered as a dud. The type of movie a man would really enjoy, but I liked it as well as my husband because of the historical value, and character development. Joe BatteerJohn Rice.

It’s an entertaining action movie, and some of the fight scenes are good. Anyway, Cage rolls around, and the non-Navajo non-Japanese lookalike Beach comes to his aid.


This great film brings to the forefront this important role of Native Americans, and is a “must see” for everyone. It’s unfortunate the directing and feel of the movie is a bit cheesy in that the story itself wnglish been something special.

The term code talker was not officially released until it was declassified during the Nixon administration in the 70’s, up until then their role in the war was classified, even to ground troops who served with them.


A movie with a lower budget, without big Hollywood stars put in the foreground would probably have been more satisfying.

Clayton Barber as Hasby. You don’t have to be a “war-buff” movie lover ehglish be enlightened by this movie.

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They like to stay out in the open, and will not fire their rifles unless they’re within 15 feet of American soldiers. And never mind the tropical rainstorms.

I give it three stars just because of what it was, a dramatic action-packed war movie.

Maybe that movie should have been done by another director too, I don’t know. Minimal profanity for a war movie. That’s how they did it during the war. Albert Smith as Navajo Man. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

When watching the trailer of Windtalkers, one gets the impression that this film is about the Navajo indians and how their native language was used to create a code that could not be broken by the Japanese.

The code talker part of the story should have been made much subtutles pivotal as was done here. What we get is a surprisingly entertaining film, corny as it aubtitles at times, that could have suited John Wayne.

The case shows some signs of wear. Already englisb an account? With Windtalkers, the glaring refutations of time, space and reality impress upon viewers the simple fact that Woo is at his best when he isn’t attempting anything more significant than the most emptily satisfying explosion you’re likely to enjoy – a scat.


Enemy At the Gates. That alone is worth a watch but don’t expect to learn much of anything about the Navajo code talkers.

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They switched roles when one got tired. Being from North Dakota which has a large Native American population it’s great that the very important role Native Americans played during the war.

Also they were sent into the field in pairs, and they gave constant reports from the front lines in battle, moving after every transmission so as not to be detected. Nov 6, Rating: Fair amount of blood and very quick graphic shots, but nothing super intense. Woo really shows his talent here, with raw yet beautifully shot war action.

It’s got a really bizarre performance from Nicolas Cage because he’s just so normal and real, showing once again that he does have a wide range of talent. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.