The Australian version sees Geralt decline the offer automatically. Endings Unlock Last Edited: If Triss was not rescued, a bloody pogrom of magic users occurs in Loc Muinne and throughout the Northern Kingdoms. That being said, the amount of content there is huge and many times it’s easy to fill in the gaps between dialogues with your own imagination. Obsidian needs to add a extra few months to their development times. If the devs hadn’t done this, there would be people complaining that the game is too linear.

Assassins of Kings contains many different paths and storylines, along with multiple endings. Playing again grants the player a very interesting feeling. RULES This is a subreddit for quality discussion about gaming All discussion must be about gaming Blatant circle jerks, memes, and image links will be removed List posts will be removed Purchasing Advice and Suggestions what should I play next? Example, “pretty” land names like Tamriel or Skyrim or Temeria or Emhyr sound nice ,but go in one ear and out the other. In the other branch, a long history is given about her and the curse set upon her. Geralt completes three missions: They are both wonderful games but they do not succeed in branching stories–because there are so many characters who are disposable. If Triss was rescued, the Conclave is restored and the mages work to seal Loc Muinne.

If Triss was not rescued, a bloody pogrom of magic users occurs in Loc Muinne and throughout the Northern Kingdoms.

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Since the choice offered in factions just doesn’t match the choice offered in other optional areas of the game I feel like the branching New Vegas’s story can do is lost beneath the rest of the game. Soryline two, along with sorceress Triss Merigold, go in sroryline of the kingslayer. Assassins of Kings – Enhanced Edition added over 10GB of new content, including four hours of gameplay, arena mode, new tutorial, 36 minutes of cinematics including a new intro created by Platige Image and an outroas well as a host of fixes to gameplay and the interface.

Assassins of Kings is now on Linux”. I think the key was just, both options were well-written! If you convince Aryan La Valette to surrender, you will encounter him later in the game and you will get a chance at earning the Strong Back Character attribute.

Here is the list with all the major decisions: The player controls Geralt of Riviawho is one of the few remaining witchers — enhanced and trained humans with special powers who hunt monsters for a living. Retrieved 25 October Aggregate score Aggregator Score Metacritic.


Reading the wiki helps as well I’d plough that. Retrieved 28 October There are 16 potential outcomes for The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings and they are determined by specific actions and decisions you make during the story.


The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski. Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. A major source of contention about the game sgoryline the difficulty of the combat, especially during the game’s first few hours. Also by killing him and brabching characters later in the game you will get the Executioner Character attribute. I am pretty sure that bioware would have been strung up brnching quartered ifthey did this in their ME series. If Geralt arrives with Iorveth, he must choose between rescuing Triss or rescuing Philippa, who is the only person capable of lifting the spell from Saskia but who was captured and blinded by the king of Redania.

The Witcher 2 is in a class of its own when it comes to choice and consequence. Bioware decided that instead of making their deaths matter, they are just replaced with another character.

I am on the fence with this. Also, I liked the game so much that I even made a a tribute to Geralt.

It never tries to claim it’s going to be morally gray. These names can blend together in your mind ,and when there are like threads of politics and 35 names dancing around at once that all sound goofy, it can literally blend together in the mind. They had vranching right idea and we’re close to having a great branching story but just couldn’t do it. If you’re Caesar or NCR, the Boomers quest is the same For those of you who haven’t played NV there’s a bunch of simple quests to convince groups to tsoryline you and the main players make you undertake these quests and redoing those quests three times during replays for endings was easily the worst part of play throughs.

Share directly to my status. Personally what I found most confusing are the names of important historical figures who are always mentioned like how Foltest mentions Emhyr, the emperor of Nilfgaard in the beginning and some other names like Ciri which you would need to know from reading the books. Every act has consequences, but the game isn’t going to tell you that it was good or bad.

As Henselt assaults Vergen, Geralt defeats Henselt’s personal guard, and either allows Roche to murder Henselt in revenge which causes a civil war in Kaedwen or convinces him to spare the king.

This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within The Witcher 2: Retrieved 19 December Basically, the choices are made in each of the “six” chapters Roche and Iorveth have separate Chapter 2s and 3s. Something I really liked about Witcher 2 – and in particular, the Iorveth vs Roche choice – is it allowed them to tell both sides of a story.


Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Roche is revealed to be plotting against Kaedwen, and Henselt executes most of Roche’s men in retaliation.

Assassins of Kings received generally favourable reviews. Some time after Geralt saved Foltest from a witcher assassin at the end of The WitcherFoltest attempted to claim his children and bring them to live with him in Vizima. DarkSymbiote DarkSymbiote 6 years ago 2 It does matter. For chapter 1 with malena if you do save her by not telling guards truth and she ambushes you and runs away you do actually see her again she is hiding behind a wall at the old ruins where those 2 guys and the dog are then you can kill her or spare her.

There are three other branches that affect the climatic cutscene which takes the form of conference that changes dramatically based on who is alive. Hung Over decision keep the Blue Stripes tattoo and when you import the save game into Witcher 3, Geralt will have it.

Deano Deano 6 years ago 1 i’ve played through witcher 2 twice when I got it and twice again just recently with the EE and I still find it confusing following all the politics and subterfuge that is going on between the kings and nobles of all the provinces.

And yet, the game says it like 9 times. I think you guys don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. My Kingdoms of Amalur Review: The whole point of New Vegas is figuring out what is best for the Mojave Wasteland, and from a certain point of view Caeser’s Legion would bring the most change whether beneficial in the long run would remain to be seen using a tight, tyrannical society.

The fantasy world in which his adventures take place owes much to Polish history and Slavic mythology. Playing again grants the witdher a very interesting feeling.

Stennis was killed earlier. An interesting thing about the Witcher 2 I think is that your second play through will possibly be quite a different experience depending on your path in the first play through compared to someone doing that same path for the first time.