Also grabbed me the entire box set of Gundam Wing. Next we see her at school telling her friends she’ll be moving while they state how she’s now some sort of super-hero. Hell, not even Westboro church in the U. Which in all honesty works much better than it sounds to be honest. Toriyama has a love of cars and motorcycles, something he inherited from his father who used to race motorbikes and operated an auto repair business for a brief time, although he does not understand the mechanics himself. I just rewatched Evangelion 3. I wanted to like this one honestly.

I suppose it was a OK start despite the art and animation MC is in Border but obviously sucks. But seriously if you like stuff like any sort of superhero anime the definitely check this out. Look at that image, it’s perfect, my camera it’s all blurry and dull lit. The art and animation was just so-so but might as well give it a go. It would be a shame to drop it if you’re into interesting stories and the best is yet to come because the fights are definitely not like those from bleach So Kill la Kill finished up yesterday and I have to say, it was freaking amazing, easily breaks my top 5 in favourite Anime of all time Gurren Lagann is on that list if that explains anything:

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (TV)

Only got our “HD” 42″ x pixels flatscreen TV under two years ago, we had to go through the whole process of getting a TV licence, because our previous TV had lasted since we got it in Some of it at least tries to be relevant to the current story, but it can only do so much without either spoiling things or blowing gigantic holes into the actual plot.


Got a little interested so I’ll keep watching.

Sumi Takahashi ep 4. A sci-fi Mecha-like anime based on the manga.

Most impressive I have to admit is that there are no religious zealots who are calling for the hanging of the staff behind the show. Archived from the original on July 25, They act like stupid retards so the MC can look better compared to them Now I really want to watch it. Specially loved who the animesho was at the end and gave a lot of character to one of the more mundane errr Bythe manga had sold over 35 million copies in Japan.

Actually I’m not too sure they are plot holes, because I’ve only seen 6 episodes, but these characters all seem pretty Then again, the only men in this universe seem to be weirdo monsters, so there’s that.

What’s that, there’s only one Super Saiyan? He also collected autographs of famous manga artists, having over 30 including Yudetamago and Hisashi Eguchia hobby he gave to Peasuke Soramame.

World Trigger Episode 1 Discussion

I probably feel more strongly about it because it is popular. Please enjoy this unique episode with Sam Hinkie. Max Mittelman as Konohamaru Sarutobi. Big buildup then nothing. I just hope it’s not the end of the series. The only good one though was the X-Men one but not worth a wolrd. Didn’t finish though but I liked the surrealist art of the BRS world. And a setting that’s bright and colorful but also very bleak and dark.

Kokoro Kikuchi as Sarada Uchiha.

50 Best World Trigger × Challengers of the Unknown images | Marvel dc, Cartoons, Comics

Also grabbed me the entire box set of Gundam Trogger. I really don’t know what people hate about this show so much that it deserves it’s 6. Also the girl attends the damn school, so how can she pretend to be him, wouldn’t she get marked absent too!? Anyway I tried to watch Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere.


I liked the sci-fi bits, and again the world building is quite good. What I just got: How can I put this, it’s like a documentary where the narration is done by Morgan Freeman or Dan Aykroyd. I thought it would have something to do with music and being in a band but it’s really about girls being girls and dressing up guitars. My main gripe with the show is that characters appear and disappear before I could give a damn about any of them.

Still when I first saw him use it he was watching Trigun Brawl in the Badlands and it looked stunning! Will report back when finished with it. Probably more than I should Hopefully its released this year. Towards the end, we also talk about bankroll management, poker faces, and advice she would give the President triggrr how to make better decisions.

Hideyuki Ueno Animation Director: MC is in Border but obviously sucks.