Who knows what changes could take place if other countries followed suit.. When I returned, I fed carrots by throwing them in the direction of individual horses. Videos To Alternative on Thursday Oct 19 Nuclear Weapons Invulnerable to Cyber Attack? If any objective investigation of available data is carried out, there can be no rational denial of the fact that global climate engineering has been going on at a significant scale for at least 70 years. Videos To Alternative on Friday Mar 16

Video To Alternative on Monday Aug 27 This is Truly Bizarre! Devastating, Colossal Magnitude 8. We live in deceitful times. Now let us take a look at what is happening in France. How do we see one world leader owned by banks and corporations, but believe another is not?

And it is always a good idea to make sure family, friends and neighbors know about their basic Constitutional right to exercise jury nullification any time they want. x22repor

Deep State on the Move! Videos To Alternative on Monday Sep 25 Sure, only a small percentage actually do it, but their culture seems to encourage and tolerate the behavior. One for the X-Files!

Shoosh Comment by shoosh on July 21, 6: They stopped and gazed unbelievingly at the wonder below them. Video To Weather on Saturday Oct 07 Last Night’s Message, Was it to the Cabal? When she was pregnant with her fourth child at age 39, doctors told Simone Thurber that her pregnancy would be high-risk.


Welcome to the 21st century. The police culture issue reminds me a bit of the culture among Catholic priests: It is so good I am listening to it twice.

This latest posting by Benjamin is probably the most significant he has ever written. What’s Going on in Tennessee? Monsanto GMO sugar beets. Venice and Mexico Waterways Dried Up!

Wonder if anyone has missed them. Comment by eyeswideopennow on July 21, 9: You have made some good points. It is clear you do not like Caleb and you do like Melissa and Mozart. This Scene Makes One Wonder: Comment by mozart on July 21, 1: If the attacker needs to be killed stone dead to be stopped, then we need to kill him stone dead.

Maybe the dollar, in the short term, could continue to rise, and many say that means gold is going down. A Japanese government official who recently attended a ceremony presided over by the Emperor confirmed he made glaring mistakes during the ceremony and showed signs of senility.

I thought the same, we have any number of criminal cabal here who should be included on the list. Is a Tsunami About to Happen?

Russia And China Continue To Hoard Gold To Prepare For The Dollar Collapse – Episode 1392a

Yes, absolutely, there are mind control beams that are — and have for some time — targeting his house, but he is highly resistant to those energies. Bus terminals were packed and hotels filled to capacity in the border town of San Antonio, with many traveling hundreds of miles to shop.


So, where do I go then for the remedy. If that number were to hold, episore would take approximately days for the Arctic epidode dip down to the predicted one million square kilometers.

Unless caleb has a short memory regarding this I would say it has wpisode covered and no one would believe you have a mean bone in your body regarding this. You create your reality with every thought that you choose to hold in your mind and every action or inaction that you choose as a response or non-response.

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I love that whole area. So did most of us. Videos Episide Paranormal on Saturday Oct 28 I went back down and opened up a big, sunny pasture for them and grabbed a sack of carrots. We have clear skies today with a lone chemtrail…so far. Love it when the ancestors plan comes together.