Azuma’s grandfather refuses, and Azuma has to make a bread that even his grandfather will eat. During Azuma’s match with Suwabara, Azuma baked Japan 44, a bread that allows you to go heaven. Transformation With The Secret Sauce! Aim For The Monaco Cup! This Is Ja-pan 21! Suwabara isn’t frightened though, and steps up to the challenge, revealing the wooden block carving to be something he’s planned all along, for his Lupan 1: Trying to delay the Japanese team as much a possible, Pierrot develops a long term reaction over the course of the episode. Gohan which is a parody of the series.

Because of the incident on the island, a re-match is being held in Mexico. The story starts when Azuma is 5, living in the country with his grandfather, a rice farmer, and his sister. Japan sekai no chouten he!? Episode 39 The Skydive to Hell! Kuroyanagi tastes it, and after apparently not reacting at all, pronounces Azuma the winner. My Way of Ninja!

Solar Hands vs The Flame Arm! Pantasia’s Fate Hangs in wubbed Balance! Retrieved from ” https: Aubbed the end of the episode, Koala presents a dragon-shaped bread to Kuroyanagi skbbed Azuma presents a green turtle-shaped bread. Kimete ha kyuukyoku no bataa! The three newcomers stay in France for a month for training to make bread especially for the French people; they train under Meister Kirisaki’s younger sister Sophie Balzac Kirisaki.

Saigo no bansan, oaji ha ika ga? The episode begins with the 2nd final of the Monaco Cup. It is made using the highest quality ingredients, and all of the judges give it a perfect score. Pierrot says that it was not a pointless story, but a story of ‘Victor, Me, and Ed. Trying to delay the Japanese team as much a possible, Pierrot develops a long term reaction over the course of the episode.

The match ends in a draw, and thus concludes the Pantasia Newcomers arc.


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The competition between Azuma and Kanmuri begins, however both are desperate to win, with Azuma’s promise to Rpisode and Kawachi on the line, and Kanmuri’s research that is threatened by Yukino.

Kawachi, otoko no moutokkun! Episode 6 It’s the Main Store!! Kuroyanagi overhears, and, touched by his former master’s praise of his talent, makes his decision: Pierre, a rival bakery, is across the street. The episode ends with Mokoyama, who has now aubbed peace with himself, giving Mizuno a ride home on his back.

Back in the present, Pierrot ends up crying bitterly as the reaction wears off until he is subbeed admonished by the King and Queen.

Suwabara shocks the audience by twisting his dough into a giant spiral, but Azuma shocks Suwabara by folding his dough over twice. Kuroyanagi tastes it, and after apparently not reacting at all, pronounces Azuma the winner.

In order to save team Japan, Shachihoko explains to Pierrot that it was only an urban legend and it wasn’t real. Kore ga Kyuukyoku Kurowa-san!? The Boy with the Hands of the Sun!

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The object is to make the yakisoba not the bread. Taiyaki of the Southern Island! Pierrot Makes a Huge Mistake! Kawachi is confident in his battle with Kanmuri after obtaining a special yeast from Matsushiro.

Mokoyama announces that the price of his bread will be yenonly slightly higher than a normal butter roll, which is a good deal because of the high quality ingredients. At the match itself, Yukino stuns the audience by folding her dough englishh butter rather than the other way round, but Kazuma shocks everyone by folding his dough so thin it is almost invisible.

Azuma is worried about whether the CMAP team will be all right after their transformation, as emglish children in the audience are treating them 4 giant stuffed toys. Subbrd 29 A Close Attack!! Azuma realizes that he has made a similar Japan, Japan He then collapses, and his wound starts bleeding.


I’ll Fight Ya with Osaka Bread! Gopan wo tsugu otoko! Izu is hours away by train. After eating it, Pierrot is transported back 23 years in time, before he was born, and appears in the Monaco court. Episode 25 What the-!? Episode 15 Invincible Team!!

Kanmuri and Kawachi pick up some rhubarb and inadvertently blurt out their plans when buying sweet wine at a wine shop, but Tsutsumi runs into them and casually reveals his plan to use Calvados in enylish jam. This episode parodied the popular anime series Naruto. When a platoon of limousines full of black-suited shade-wearing men pulls up in front of Pantasia, Ken Matsushiro single-handedly takes them on when they attempt to storm the store, but the men fall back and bow when Kanmuri steps out.

Kanmuri reveals that Yukino is secretly selling stocks of Pantasia to St. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. When they ask Ken, he points out that the main branch of St.

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Kishikaisi no urutora C! Episode 40 Pierrot Makes a Huge Mistake!

Episode 16 A Green Miracle!! Minami no shima no taiyaki kun! We learn that both Shadow and Monica were novices chosen for their promise, and the reason Sachihoko was there was to teach the two other teammates during the competition.

My Way of Ninja!