Characters like Bart and L’gann grew up in completely different societies from the norm, and so it makes sense for them to have unique slang. More questions raised this episode. I want my damn Bat-Family centric episode already, dick and tim and gar were awesome in this episode. The Reach sent them out to take over a local lifeform and soften up a planet before they arrive to capture it. Barry’s death causes something in the speed force that gives wally his powers back and more it makes him the fastest one of them all, then he becomes flash. I guess the ninjas are employed by the league of assassins which makes sense seeing as Ra’s is a member of the light.

Highlight below text to read It appears the Reach will be making an appearance. But that’s not what’s going to happen — you can bet your eyeballs it’s going to be fixed, and that’s why time travel should be outlawed. My problem with River is that she’s exactly the kind of overpowered Mary-Sue OC a 14 year old girl with a crush on the Doctor I’m convinced this is what Moffat is. Honestly it’s the one thing thats really pissing me off. Bart trapped himself in the past. Thus, the future can’t be fixed with time-travel, and since we’ve already seen the future, and it’s a wasteland, we should know that that’s actually inevitable.

Brave and the Bold, that’s telling you something. I kinda want to see wally be “kid lantern” for eoisode few episodes. This subreddit is for discussion, news, fan content, and shitposts related to a TV series called ‘Young Justice’. Like he becomes one with it? The Comic Bloc Forums http: I wonder if this will be the episode featuring Wally, Barry, and Jay.

I’m soooo geekin’ out right now. Highlight below text to read I especially loved seeing a new version of baby Lian at the end of the ep! If the future were peaceful and idyllic, what reason flavir a hero have to travel back in time and change it?


Young Justice Episode 2x “Bloodlines” : youngjustice

Lots of food for thought in this episode, too. The complicated nature of the whole thing is why I love the post-Zero Hour version so much, because their story is actually told from the very beginning Garth meets Rokk meets Imra rpisode Brandewith no adventures out of order or random “Adult Legion stories” or anything.

Who are the competitors? Psychically arresting someone who wasn’t ready for it and leaving them catatonic, not okay. Another great ep, loved when Batgirl called out Dick on having the need to justify why an all girl team was assembled. I could gush for a really long time and not even get to the part where they fought two Darkseids.

I fear for Lian’s sanity growing up. Wally was the fastest Flash, but it probably helped that Speed Force was also introduced after he took over the mantle.

I thought they cleared it up that the original Roy never met the team. When submitting an image, use a reliable host Imgur, Minus, Flickr, etc and link directly to it end in. Cure Neutron and save Flash, they apparently assumed that would fix the future but it only helped Neutron.

Honestly, I youg it just fine.

So either youhg in denial or he’s working on the other side, as you say. The original timeline would still exist, which would solve the paradox issue. Isn’t ready to take up the mantle of fullfledged hero. Then Bart vibrates through the ninjas. I think everyone knew that. That’s not enough time for jkstice baby to be born and have a 10 year old B. Definitely gonna be a mental block that he gets over when he takes the mantle.


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She reveals to him that they now have a newborn daughter. What the fuck happened to get the future like that? They appear to be retired from hero work, attending college, and living together romantically.

I’m not familiar with Flash comics. Between Blue beetle on the team and now the time-stream being all in danger and what not, I demand an appearance from Booster Gold and Skeets. After Final Crisis, there wasn’t much of an indication as to which of them was faster. I was just wondering who’s the voice actor for Bart cause it sounds so familiar.

Conner doesn’t age, so he’ll be there, for sure. I agree though that it’s weird Neutron remembers Impulse going back in time after the future was changed. I’m pulling for you Wally! I guess the ninjas are employed by the league of assassins which makes sense seeing as Ra’s is a member of the light.

It goes on hiatus after next weeks episode. But will her flavot mission back also be her last?! I’d barely heard of them before now, but after reading that wiki, this does seem to be the case.

I should mention I was really impressed with that logic work out. As others have said, that storyline forms the basis for this season. I thought you meant Wally’s literal dad. It’s a common way to hold children. I’ve never been a fan of the time travel plot and unfortunately every single show jjustice to want to give it a try.

I admit “PreSpeedy” was a bit of a stretch.