The subsequent warming recorded in the peaks of warm temperature and subtropical palynomorphes was accompanied by the sea level rise and accumulation of grey shales with abundant mollusc and ostracode shells core interval m. These sediments are characterised by lack or very rare fresh —brackish water molluscs Dreissena in the lowermost portion, and enriched in Fe2O3, MnO suggesting sedimentation in the continental environment. Journal of the Geological society , The small mammal faunas of the Trans-Urals area are mainly characterized by steppe species and Dicrostonyx was absent. The research focused on a depression located between the range of the Pozna phase An introduction to geology of Iran.

Combinations of the key arvicoline taxa showing the principle of shared geographic occurrence applied to biochronological correlation of the Quaternary faunas of the regions with pronounced environmental gradients in Northern Eurasia. Based on drilling, seismoacoustic, and deep seismic profiling data, the mud volcanism in the South Caspian Basin commenced in the Early Miocene and became most intense at the Miocene-Pliocene boundary. Sedimentation environment changes during the Early-Middle Pleistocene transition as recorded from Daumantai sections investigations, Lithuania. Origin and emplacement of the loess deposited in Northern Brittany and under the English Channel. The latter is applied to alkali feldspar coarse grains mm from shallow-marine sand deposits, using both the multiple aliquot additive g dose technique and the SAR Single aliquot regenerative dating technique. Preliminary magnetostratigraphic data on fine-grained channel-fill deposits of MRZ3 show, at the bottom reverse polarity and, after a short transitional period, normal polarity to the top.

Traces of aeolian treatment are visible on edges and corners of quartz grains, therefore aeolian processes must have been active for several hundred years.

Zlodowacenie (film)

For quartz, a major limitation arises from the near saturation of the natural luminescence level, commonly observed for sediments older than the Last Interglacial.

The influence of grain-size analysis methods and sediment mixing on curve shapes and textural parameters: Location A, Blithological sketch and vertical distribution of selected sediment properties in the Retno profile C. 20012 genesis is often associated with melting glacier or overflow aufeis ice so-called kettle-holes. Di Bella 1, V. Sedimentary geology, Deposits of high-density turbidity currents on fan-delta slopes: We have investigated this type of sandstone on the Cycladic islands of Antiparos and Despotiko in the central Aegean.

The Pliocene to Quaternary development of the hydrographic network is reflected by the building of the river terraces. Lithology, 14C dates, stratigraphic units according to Zlodowcaenie and distribution of key molluscan and ostracod species from the core Ak The degree of aeolization of Quaternary deposits in Poland as a tool for stratigraphic interpretation. The most numerous rodents are Arvicola ex gr.


The same picture is observed in the modern Caspian Sea.

Marco is the southernmost termination of the Sinis Peninsula, in the north western border of the Oristano Gulf western Sardinia, Italy. They penetrate the entire sedimentary cover up to the crystalline basement and are confined to contact zones of deep-seated faults that divide the South Caspian Basin into large blocks. Special place for fluid dynamics and environment of Caspian Sea and surrounding area have zlidowacenie hydrates associated with submarine volcanism.

Sediments representing the aforementioned stages were characterised by a very high content of organic matter mainly coarse detritus gyttja filmm wood detritus.

The area between Monfalcone and Piran Bay is characterized by a mud-dominated body consisting of Holocene marine deposits, with a maximum thickness of about 25 m in Piran Bay and that thins toward the Fillm coast, where the delta system of Isonzo So a River is present.

The Late Atlantic optimum prior cal yr BC was the warmest and zlodowacenje phase. Results and Trends of Further Researches. The quantitative and qualitative changes in foraminiferal assemblages reflect the impact of factors as organic matter and oxygen content, sediment type, and presence of seagrass.

Modern dunes show quite considerable vegetation cover, they have much smaller grain sizes and low bioclast content compared to the calcareous sandstone. An open-system model for U- series age determinations of fossil corals.

The samples of the 4 cores from the delta front were considered into a single statistical analysis, whereas the 3 cores from the prodelta slope-continental shelf were analysed separately. Mikhailovka-5 locality is situated in the northern part of the Mikhailovka quarry, which stretches for over 20 km in the northwestern part of the Kursk region near Zheleznogorsk city.

Giovanni in Sinis, west Sardinia Western Mediterranean. Their contribution started to decrease in the second half of this interval when the small forestal mammal species became wide spread. The data received show the close relation of mud volcanic fluid dynamics in the South Caspian basin with sea level change and seismicity which provide enormous influence on Caspian Sea environment in geological past and present days.


This phase coincides with high stands of the Black Sea yr BP. The multidisciplinary approach restricted the possible age interval of the succession to two zlodowqcenie The presence of Spalax is also notable as its current distribution is much further south than the location of Mikhailovka.

A Danukalova and J. This boundary preliminary was interpreted as boundary of Brunhes-Matuyama Fig. According to interpretation of geological data these sediments could be formed in a few sedimentary basins of different age. Generally, a low content of the planktonic species indicates a shallow water environment, most likely a lagoon-like with a high freshwater discharge.

Sediment deposits referable to Etruscan- early Middle Ages to yr BPare considerable, as fluvial supplies were very high during cool-humid periods. Cut marks on bone indicated butchery had taken place and the presence of Arvicola molars pointed to an age of between toyears old. This study was financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education grant no. zlodowacenke

All three marine-flooding events were rapid, with a negligible thickness of transgressive deposits, but the stepwise transgression caused a substantial increase in valley-floor relief and prepared the stage for a highstand growth of the Zlodowaxenie delta. Holocene sea-level changes of the Black Sea. The Uranium content 2.

The overlying sands depth Multidisciplinary approaches like we present should also be applied to other materials and settings since it could evaluate the value of 14C dating at higher half-life and therefore the dating of Pleistocene landscapes, sediments and archeological sites.

The sinantrope species Rattus sp. Stages of the geological development of the Bashkirian Fore-Urals during Cenozoic.

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Neotectonics and relief development of the Southern Fore-Urals. The prodelta slope develops between 20 m and about mwd. A strong discontinuity separates the older lake sediments in the lower part of the basin from younger lake sediments and a coarse gravelly but partly zlodowacdnie infill in the upper part of the basin.