One Touch of Van Go Episode The Great Trash Mystery. Talkatoo and Lookout have a winter adventure. You must only upload images which you have created yourself or that you are expressly authorised or licensed to upload. December 27, , “Disney offers lullabies for the toddlers while the Learning Channel prepares kids for the classroom” , Los Angeles Times , Times Mirror Company , retrieved December 26, Robot Zoobles Episode 8. The Cockatoo Fox Report. And, you know what?

When Whazzat wants to leave Zoobilee Zoo to be a clown, the others come up with ideas to get her to stay. Add Image S1, Ep7. Not only were they all different animals, but each one had their own individual hobbies and likes which sometimes worked to their advantage when trying to solve their problems. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! It is the first anniversary of Bravo’s theater, and the gang throws a party and remembers all their good times. Add Image S1, Ep3.

Bravo’s new play is a comedy, but unfortunately everyone in Zoobilee Zoo has already guidr his jokes. Lookout finds a dog but does not want to return him to the owner. What made the show such a success was partly due to the different backgrounds of each of the characters.

Whazzat wishes on a magic ring that she could dance forever, but she soon regrets it when she gets tired and the ring goes missing.


Bill is overworked with demands from the other Zoobles. Everyone learns about the importance of teamwork. Grown Up for a Day. Lookout puts his episoee skills to epiwode when Van Go’s painting goes missing. Whazzat Kangaroo gets cold feet when she must go on stage in a lead role. Whazzat desperately wants to win a blue ribbon in the Zooble County Fair. In14 new direct-to-video episodes and soundtracks were released, and the stage show ” Zoobilee Zoo Live!

The Zooble Book of Records Episode Bravo’s Party Episode Hosted by Ben Vereenthe show centers around a group of six artistic animal friends who live in Zoobilee Zoo and frequently break into song and dance. Newer Post Older Post Home. Mayor Ben is a leopard who lives just outside of the zoo or at the very least, out of sight of the rest of the Zoobles.

But, will too much power change him? Debuting in Septemberthe show depicted the lives of seven animals living in a zoo.

Add Image S1, Ep2.

A clumsy alien crashes into Zoobilee Zoo and fixes all of the Zoobles’ broken items. Add Image S1, Ep2. Lookout learns about epksode mother’s job when he cares for a lost zoobra.

A Star is Born Episode 1. Add Image S1, Ep7. However, they wind up in the stone age and do not have the tools to fix anything. The Tooth Fairy Episode 7.

Whazzat thinks that guiee has forgotten her birthday, but they are really planning a surprise parade. Add Image S1, Ep1. Bill invents a new kind of glue that can stick to anything, which creates a lot of chaos once the Zoobles get stuck together. The Curse of Oak Island 2.


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A Star Is Born 7. The Zoobles go on a trip through the “Tunnel Of Surprise” when they are searching for a missing rhyme in the “Land of Rhymes. Add Image S1, Ep1. Would you like to know how this pink kangaroo got her name?

Just in Time Episode Add to Watchlist Added. Add Image S1, Ep3.

The Zoobles decide to investigate. Create Account Forgot Password. Abuse of the TV. When Bravo gets a chance to work in Zooblewood, he holds auditions to see which Zooble will take over his plays. Bravo decides to host a dance marathon, but Talkatoo is nervous about her dancing ability. Van Giide wins an art contest, but the bigger prize is the lesson he learns on friendship.

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When Lookout receives a crime kit, he becomes determined to solve a mystery. Bill gets hit on the head and thinks he’s a Martian. Whazzat, her understudy, must now guiee Talkatoo’s place in the play.